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Volunteers in Education

VBCPS values and promotes active engagement of the community in all of our schools. In addition to soliciting input from the community on decisions about our schools, the Office of Community Engagement coordinates many opportunities for community members to interact and contribute to the academic achievement of our students and the overall continuous improvement of VBCPS.

Parents, community members, businesses and organizations are able to support students, staff and school initiatives through the Volunteers in Education and Partners in Education programs.

Thousands of individuals serve as volunteers in our schools each year. In fact, during the 2014-2015 school year, more than 23,000 volunteers and partners in education donated more than 658,000 hours of service in VBCPS. The value of this service is estimated at $15,178,560*.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Serving as tutors, mentors, or guest speakers
  • Providing assistance in classrooms, cafeteria, library, or main office
  • Organizing student enrichment and recognition activities
  • Supporting special events, athletics, school planning councils, and advisory boards

Visit to browse volunteer opportunities by school or level and find an opportunity that fits your interests and talents. In addition:

  • Parents can contact the PTA/PTSA at your child’s school to inquire about volunteer opportunities.
  • Community members may complete a Request to Volunteer form to obtain assistance with placement at a school and return the completed form to the Office of Community Engagement.
  • Grandparents, seniors, and retirees are encouraged to review information regarding the Golden Circle Program, which recognizes volunteers age 55 and older for their service in our schools.
*Calculations based on the Independent Sector Organization's estimated hourly value of volunteer time for 2014 which is $23.07 per hour.

2016 Volunteers of the Year

Christine Sullivan
Princess Anne Elementary School

A nurturing and caring volunteer, Christine Sullivan greets everyone with a smile. Besides holding leadership roles in the PTA, she spends time in the classroom working in a small group setting or one-on-one to reinforce and remediate student skills. Additionally, she prepares lesson materials for teachers. Dubbed the “Backbone of the Sunshine Express Writing Club,” she supervises student letter writing to the elderly. Always active, she created a “Promise Garden” helping students plant over 600 flowering bulbs in the outdoor learning classroom.

Valerie Kallam
Princess Anne High School

As the Princess Anne High School (PAHS) Girls Volleyball Team Mom and historian for 10 seasons, “Miss Val” is a positive role model for every girl on the team. Not only does she encourage school spirit by decorating the gym, she donates food for the team weekly, attends all Booster Club meetings and writes motivational sayings for each volleyball player. Valerie Kallam is to be commended for organizing and starting PAHS Dig Pink in partnership with The Side Out Foundation which raised more than $10,000 over the last seven years for cancer research. PAHS is fortunate to have amazing volunteers like Ms. Kallam.

Janine Sarach
Princess Anne Middle School  

Janine Sarach volunteers in numerous capacities working tirelessly to ensure students have the best school experience at Princess Anne Middle School (PAMS). Her dedication in organizing events, preparing teaching materials, working concessions at various sporting events, stocking the food pantry for families in need and supervising all aspects of PTA makes Mrs. Sarach indispensable at PAMS.

Pamela Samples
Providence Elementary School

Pam Samples, mother of three boys (including twins), is a highly-respected, motivated parent that wants all students to succeed. She displays a strong work ethic and positive attitude with every project she tackles. Thanks to her ingenuity, the PTA sold discounted bundles that included a PTA Membership and a Spirit Wear t-shirt this year. It was well-received by families and greatly increased PTA membership. Perhaps the most endearing trait Mrs. Samples demonstrates is a heart for encouraging students to think and do the right thing.

Will Herrmann
Red Mill Elementary School

Captain Will Herrmann, USN is the epitome of what it means to be an outstanding volunteer. Despite a busy professional work schedule, he has volunteered at Red Mill Elementary School for the past six years to support teacher needs and to help in his children’s classrooms. A man of many talents, he is willing and eager to jump in and complete any task such as reading to students, cooking pancakes, setting up tables, making copies for teachers, reinforcing student skills or chaperoning field trips. He is an extraordinary role model for students, demonstrating the importance of being a dedicated father, good citizen and kind person.

Sharon Delaney
Renaissance Academy  

Sharon Delaney is a true advocate for children, believing each student has the power to positively impact their community. Her willingness and ability to work closely with at-risk students, individually and in small group, is commendable. Arriving each week with a contagious level of enthusiasm and energy that spreads throughout the classroom, she leaves a positive imprint on all students by working diligently to help them gain confidence and master skills. Her dedication, caring disposition and thoughtful guidance is recognized and appreciated by students and staff at Renaissance Academy.

Amy Hayes
Rosemont Elementary School

Amy Hayes is devoted to the staff and students at Rosemont Elementary School (RES). She is generous with her time and always willing to help in any way possible. She dedicates hours assisting with activities such as Pastries with Parents, Nacho Bingo, Breakfast with Santa, and Fall Fest, just to name a few. RES is grateful to Ms. Hayes for her selfless nature and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the Rosemont Eagles.

Jessica Morgan Dumm
Rosemont Forest Elementary School

Jessica Morgan Dumm, a kindergarten parent, is truly an inspiration to the Rosemont Forest Elementary School (RFES) community. She loves to be a part of programs that strengthen community involvement. In addition to spearheading the PTA’s Spirit Wear, she has been instrumental in ensuring a successful PTA Santa Shop, classroom events and spirit nights. RFES feels lucky to have such a valuable volunteer.

Pamela Barnes
Salem Elementary School

A humble volunteer, Pamela Barnes demonstrates tremendous commitment and outstanding leadership at Salem Elementary School.  She provides countless hours in the school library assisting with the collection and distribution of books. A proven literacy advocate who loves watching students improve their reading skills, she has chaired the Reading Rams program for several years. She can also be found helping with PTA and fundraising events. Mrs. Barnes for her professionalism and respectful nature is appreciated by all Salem Rams.

Kim Crawford
Salem High School

Kim Crawford is a dedicated “behind-the-scenes,” or more accurately “behind-the-counter,” volunteer at Salem High School. Quietly, gently and with an ever-present smile, she spends numerous hours in her role as “Cookie Momster” baking delicious after-school snacks to fund the All-Night Gradfest and is a member of the Athletic Booster Club working concessions at most athletic events. Salem is grateful to Mrs. Crawford who happily answers the call for assistance whenever a helping hand is needed.

Riquandria Ballesteros,
Salem Middle School

Not only is Riquandria Ballesteros an advocate for her child, but she is concerned with the wellbeing of all students attending Salem Middle School. Mrs. Ballesteros runs a fulltime daycare, but still finds time to serve as PTA VP Membership Chair. She knows the importance of actively engaging parents in schools and works hard to increase parental and community involvement. Always willing to help wherever needed, she truly makes a difference for the kids in the middle at Salem.

Emily MacWilliams
Seatack Elementary, an Achievable Dream Academy 

ABE3 Emily MacWilliams is an exemplary mentor for students. Visible in all areas at Seatack Elementary, an Achievable Dream Academy, she works daily to create a positive learning environment. Students look forward to her good morning greeting, handshake, and kind words as they begin their day. In the classroom, she helps students with math review work while encouraging them to work on character building skills. Believing student engagement is the key to success, she often dines with students in the cafeteria and attends most after-school events.

Amanda Pontifex
Shelton Park Elementary School

Amanda Pontifex encompasses the values and ideas Shelton Park Elementary School is working to establish in the community. A third-grade teacher, Ms. Pontifex jumped right in to fill a vacant spot on the PTA Board and diligently organizes meeting agendas and maintains communication with all PTA members. Not only does she volunteer numerous hours before and after school and on weekends, she is also one of the best teachers in the school, according to Principal Geoffrey Timlin. Everyone at SPES knows she can be trusted to accomplish any given task well beyond expectations.

Erin Cortez
Strawbridge Elementary School

Erin Cortez wears many hats at Strawbridge Elementary School. When she is not working in the cafeteria as monitor, she spends her time volunteering with the reading specialist to help with the Reading Incentive Program. She can also be found in the workroom preparing teacher materials and in the cafeteria organizing the school’s recycle program. Truly a dependable, kind-hearted, caring person, this Strawbridge Shark displays a “can-do” attitude that is evident in the many PTA leadership roles she fills.

Valeria Jessup
Tallwood Elementary School

Valeria Jessup serves as a beacon of light and role model for students at Tallwood Elementary School. Always willing to lend a helping hand, she completes tasks from cutting and counting box tops to popping corn for school parties to working patiently with fifth-grade students and assists with classroom activities. Ms. Jessup makes every effort to give as much as she can.

Lisa Jolley
Tallwood High School

Lisa Jolley’s volunteer service is remarkable. Her dedication to the football team and the students of Tallwood High School is multifaceted.  As manager of the concessions stand, she is responsible for procuring food and supplies, organizing volunteer workers, managing the stand for all football sporting events and much more behind the scenes work. She ensures the football players have a nutritious meal before football games. Her active involvement and service is setting an excellent example for the Tallwood Lions.

Amy Sawyer
Technical and Career Education Center

Amy Sawyer, a graduate of the Technical and Career Education Center (TCE) Early Childhood Education Program, volunteers as a classroom assistant who prepares students for careers in early childhood and operates a preschool for children ranging in age from 3 to 5 years. In this role, she organizes activities, prepares snacks, creates bulletin boards and interactive learning games and works with small groups of children. Her enthusiastic, kind and nurturing personality helps her establish a positive rapport with students. Theresa Cole, Early Childhood Education instructor shares, “Amy is an exemplary volunteer and deserves more accolades than I could ever hope to bestow.”

Amber Arnspiger
Thalia Elementary School

As a reliable PTA Volunteer in Education Coordinator, Amber Arnspiger takes pride in rallying and encouraging school and community volunteers as well as in her own contributions to the school. She was instrumental in promoting literacy with her work on the Book Exchange Bin. Whether assisting with fifth-grade Colonial Day festivities, Grandparent’s Breakfast and Fall Festival or working alongside students in classrooms, Ms. Arnspiger consistently shows her commitment to the Thalia Elementary School community.

Deborah Sparks
Thoroughgood Elementary School

Military spouse and mother of three, Debbie Sparks, has been a tremendous asset at Thoroughgood Elementary School. A first-year volunteer, she is credited with saving the Polar Express, a popular December event where families spend a wonderful evening together enjoying holiday festivities. Thanks to Mrs. Sparks’s efforts, students participate in a variety of after-school programs and extracurricular activities. With an infectious smile, kind spirit, and gracious attitude, she is always willing to do whatever she can in the best interest of children.

Anita Crafts
Three Oaks Elementary School

New to Three Oaks Elementary School (TOES) this year, Anita Crafts wasted no time becoming an active PTA member and dedicated volunteer. With a smile on her face, she greets each new task with an outstanding work ethic. She provides administrative assistance in the office laminating, copying, assembling packets, decorating bulletin boards and stuffing weekly student folders. She is a regular volunteer in the library helping to Lexile reading levels on the library’s current collection so students are able to check out “just right books” at their reading level. TOES loves Mrs. Crafts and feel lucky to work with her at the school!

Lara Balovich
Trantwood Elementary School

As someone who worked her way to becoming PTA President after serving in other leadership roles in past years, Lara Balovich is an active volunteer and asset to the Trantwood Elementary School community. According to Principal LouAnne Metzger, “With her leadership, members of the board work harmoniously and are extremely productive.” Some of her many contributions include chairing the Boogie Ball, a fun-filled event for students, filling Thanksgiving baskets for needy families and chairing the Spring Carnival. Everything Mrs. Bolovich is involved with is a huge success and she does it with a smile and a great sense of humor.

Elizabeth Royle
Virginia Beach Middle School

When there is a task to be done or event that needs to be organized, Elizabeth Royle is the go-to volunteer at Virginia Beach Middle School. She a great supporter for programs and is committed to helping teachers and staff members who do so much to educate her children. This is her second year assisting with the visual arts field trips and she is willing and eager to tackle any task.

Beatrice Yeboah
White Oaks Elementary School

As a treasured volunteer for two years at White Oaks Elementary School, Beatrice Yeboah is a busy mom who willingly and cheerfully donates her time copying materials to help teachers prepare for instruction. She offers a helping hand to PTA and is always willing to assist with any project. Her infectious smile and kind personality make her a wonderful ambassador for her school where she is loved and appreciated by all who know her.

Arcely Eisman
Williams Elementary School

Arcely Eisman demonstrates a commitment to the success of students and staff at Williams Elementary School where she serves as PTA President for the Bayside Tri-Campus. She volunteers her time, both within and outside school, coordinating fundraisers and advocating for financial resources to ensure students have the materials and programs to enhance their classroom instruction. Mrs. Eisman has a heart of gold and is appreciated by everyone at the Tri-Campus.

Jennifer Sclafani
Windsor Oaks Elementary School

Known for her enthusiasm and generosity, Jennifer Sclafani willingly offers assistance wherever needed. Her greatest accomplishment, appreciated by all school personnel, is the organization of the science lab at Windsor Oaks Elementary School. Due to her diligent work, teachers and students are able to access materials with ease. She is dependable, optimistic and goes above and beyond to complete all tasks.

LeeAnne Matteson
Windsor Woods Elementary School

LeeAnne Matteson’s positive attitude and sunny disposition are perfect examples of the spirited ‘Chief’ she has been for the past five years at Windsor Woods Elementary School (WWES). A dedicated PTA mom, she coordinates programs such as Labels for Education, Box Tops, and Farm Fresh Receipts as well as chairs the annual Scholastic Book Fair. Besides working in the office and classrooms, she helped with the success of the Fall Festival and Penguin Patch. Her creativity and attention to detail improve the lives of WWES students and staff.

Ernestine Barnes
Woodstock Elementary School

Tina Barnes recognizes the importance of building relationships with students. To that end, she positively touches the lives of every student, especially those who walk through the door of room 8. Always wearing a smile, she is a great listener. She gives each student a boost of confidence as she works one-on-one to reviews skills. She dines with students in the cafeteria to promote character building skills and discusses lifelong lessons as well as schoolwork. Ms. Barnes is someone who will be remembered for years to come. She makes Woodstock Elementary a happy place to learn!

Edna Carr
Adult Learning Center

There’s a reason why Edna Carr has been honored as the Adult Learning Center’s Volunteer of the Year for four consecutive years. As a dedicated tutor in the Adult Basic Education and GED Program, she works exceedingly well with adult students, particularly students who are challenged in reading and math. They know they can depend on her to provide improvement strategies and difference-making individual attention.

Duncan Clark
Advanced Learning Center

Having completed the Advanced Technology Center’s Engineering Technology Program during his sophomore and junior years at Kellam High School, Duncan Clark returned in his senior year as the school’s first-ever “ATC Engineering Peer Coach.” There, he supports student projects, assists teachers with implementing new Raspberry Pi coding/troubleshooting and even designed/built supportive storage areas which made him the school’s first STIHL prototype intern. He not only maintains an excellent rapport with students and staff, Duncan is a leader and superb role model.

Kristen Field
Alanton Elementary School

Kristen Field is an amazing volunteer who works tirelessly in multiple capacities at Alanton Elementary School. As program coordinator, she motivates students to participate in the annual PTA Reflections contest. In classrooms, she assists teachers. In the library, she can be found volunteering her time. She even finds time to facilitate a bi-weekly fitness class for staff. Mrs. Field sets a wonderful example as an outstanding volunteer.

Martha Cole
Arrowhead Elementary School

Martha Cole’s love for books and literature is evident as she encourages Arrowhead Elementary School students to enjoy reading. Literally known as the “Book Doctor,” she gives used books new life. According to Library Media Assistant Susan Brewington, “I feel confident that we have one of the neatest book collections in the city, thanks to Martha’s efforts.” She can be counted on to make the school’s annual Book Fair a huge success. Students who visit the library often are genuinely disappointed when they do not see their friend sitting behind the counter. Rain or shine, she works tirelessly to motivate students to read, read, read!

Michael Tomko
Bayside Elementary School

Bayside Elementary School is honored to recognize Mike Tomko as its school Volunteer of the Year for the third consecutive year.  Mr. Tomko could be counted on to sit and talk with students every morning during breakfast and multiple times during the week at lunchtime. He helped “his kids” develop strong academic and social/emotional foundations and believed all students could achieve their potential. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in November 2015, Mike continued to serve as a positive role model at the school. He fought his battle with dignity, but unfortunately, in January 2016, the Bayside community lost a cheerleader, mentor, friend and exemplary volunteer.  Mike Tomko’s legacy will live on at Bayside as they continue to build strong leaders within the school community.

Lena Rudolph
Bayside High School

As a consummate manager of the Bayside High School (BHS) football concession stand, Lena Rudolph strives to excel in all she does to meet the needs of students and the Bayside community at large. For three years, she has dedicated herself to providing quality food at affordable prices while successfully raising funds for the school’s football program. According to Principal Jim Miller, “Our concession stand is fully staffed and always provides excellent food choices–the best fried fish and chicken in town.” All customers are treated to a generous dose of Ms. Rudolph’s warm hospitality. A kind and loyal volunteer, she loves BHS and inspires others to work hard and become involved.

Shannen Sager
Bayside Middle School

Shannen Sager is a dedicated and dependable leader in the Bayside Middle School Band Parents Association. Spending countless hours as a representative of this organization, she consistently performs above and beyond all expectations. As a volunteer who works diligently with the program director, Ms. Sager’s main focus is always to do what is best for students and planning ahead to help the program grow.

Carole Kownack
Bayside Sixth Grade Campus

Carole Kownack’s service positively impacts the Bayside Sixth Grade Campus and student achievement. As a dedicated volunteer, she is instrumental in recruiting others for volunteer service. Mrs. Kownack’s frequent communication and professionalism has led to a strong, sustainable partnership between Bayside High School and the Bayside Sixth Grade Campus providing valuable assistance with tutoring, mentoring and relationship building for students between the ages of 11 and 18 years old. Her dedicated efforts help meet the needs and demands of the Bayside community.

Kenneth Edmonds
Birdneck Elementary School

Kenneth Edmonds is highly respected by students, faculty and administrators at Birdneck Elementary School. Always willing to work with students on projects and assignments, he makes an effort to develop a caring and supportive relationship with students to help them meet their academic needs. Besides his involvement in the classroom, he assists with extracurricular activities such as Field Day, helps with STEM programs and chaperones field trips.

Adrienne Griffin
Brandon Middle School

Adrienne Griffin serves Brandon Middle School as PTA Vice President and is an integral volunteer for the boys’ basketball team. Present at practice every day, she assists the coaches with paperwork, uniforms, pre-game meals and bus trips. In the off season, Mrs. Griffin spends time helping the track team. Finding a way to get involved with the school to support her son was a priority, but her efforts to go above and beyond to help many other students has made her a priceless asset at the school.

Amanda Coley
Brookwood Elementary School

As a first year volunteer at Brookwood Elementary School, Amanda Coley’s enthusiasm and tireless energy motivates and amazes everyone. She is a dependable volunteer who assists where needed, even at a moment’s notice. She can be found helping at PTA events such as Bingo, the Holiday Bazaar and at Movie Nights and she is always willing to do more. The Brookwood Braves are lucky to have such an exceptional volunteer.

Pam Harrison
Centerville Elementary School

Pam Harrison has served in numerous PTA leadership roles at Centerville Elementary School, chairing several committees along the way. She spends many volunteer hours eagerly providing valuable assistance to students and can be counted on to help with multiple school activities and events. In fact, the school credits the success of their annual Book Fair in large part to Mrs. Harrison’s dependability and positive customer service. Simply put, she is a person who cares!

Anne Bussiere
Christopher Farms Elementary School

*PTA Citywide Volunteer of the Year at the Primary Level* - Anne Bussiere volunteers time to help teachers in whatever capacity is needed. In addition to helping with the school’s literacy nights, she leads the ECO Club. She teaches students about ecology including information on native species and caring for the environment. She has invited several guest speakers to share their expertise with students. Thanks to Mrs. Bussiere, Christopher Farms Elementary School (CFES) has earned the distinction as a Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl School for the past several years. CFES is grateful for the knowledge and opportunities that their School Volunteer of the Year affords their young Colts.

Cynthia Stinson
College Park Elementary School

Cynthia Stinson impacts learning at College Park Elementary School through her involvement with students in first and second grade classrooms. Her positive words of encouragement help students believe in themselves to reach their potential. She also spends time working with the PTA, SCA, and teachers and staff. Her positive attitude and dedication contribute to establishing a climate of caring at the school.

Lori Michalochick
Cooke Elementary School

For two years, Lori Michalochick sponsored two fun and exciting school programs at Cooke Elementary School: the Variety Show and Spirit Squad. Thanks to her enthusiasm, dependability and talent, student attendance and participation is high. The level of student excitement and feeling of success permeates these events. Lori is a passionate, tireless volunteer who demonstrates that “volunteers are love in motion.”

Josef McCarthy
Corporate Landing Elementary School

Sharing a wealth of experience in electronics and mathematics, Josef McCarthy is a valuable volunteer for the Corporate Landing Elementary STEM Club. He provides useful information, ideas and examples for building student robots. By maintaining a positive rapport with students and always recognizing students for their achievements, Mr. McCarthy has distinguished himself as a real favorite among students and staff.

Lance Hinton
Corporate Landing Middle School

Lance Hinton is a caring, nurturing, compassionate and personable volunteer who has established a wonderful relationship with students, parents and staff. For the past six years, he has volunteered as assistant basketball coach at Corporate Landing Middle School. As one who approaches all tasks with sincerity and contagious energy, he is an asset to the team.

Shelly Greene
Cox High School

Shelly Greene is the co-chair for the Hospitality Committee and has contributed countless hours to the PTSA as well as several other organizations at Cox High School. Ms. Greene cares for the students and will go to any length to provide them with the best possible experiences. Her phenomenal communication skills make her an outstanding school volunteer.

Jessica Harschutz
Creeds Elementary School

Jessica Harschutz is well known for her positive attitude, creativity and willingness to step forward and volunteer anywhere or anytime she is needed. She brings energy and a wealth of ideas to the table. She fills several leadership roles on the PTA board, works alongside students in the classroom, is a room mom and organizes highly successful school-wide events including the annual Fall Festival. According to Principal Casey Conger, “Jessica has a heart for the students at Creeds. She wants them to experience opportunities they may not experience outside of school.”

Sheryl Reynolds
Dey Elementary School

Sheryl Reynolds is an innovative volunteer whose vision for making science, technology, engineering, art, and math come alive at Dey Elementary School led to the development of the school’s STEAM Expo, a wildly popular school-wide event. Interfacing with administrators and teachers, she helps organize classroom, group and individual STEAM projects. She invites community leaders and professionals to present topics that impact the environment and its inhabitants. One hundred percent of students participate in this annual activity thanks to Mrs. Reynold’s “let’s make this happen” efforts.

Larry Price
Diamond Springs Elementary School

Students’ faces light up with excitement when Diamond Spring Elementary School volunteer Larry Price enters the classroom. He reads books to students and engages them in follow-up conversations about the material read. An exemplary role model, Mr. Price plays a vital part in supporting the Distinguished Young Gentlemen and Young Ladies of Excellence programs designed to reinforce leadership skills and good manners.

Missy Owens
Fairfield Elementary School

An enthusiastic and dependable volunteer, Missy Owens donates precious time helping with schoolwide functions and reading to students in K-2 grades. As a dedicated contributor to the Take Home Reading Program, she works with middle school students each week to ensure “just right books” are available for students to take home to enhance their reading skills. Besides serving as room mom for her children’s classrooms, she assists in other classes providing individual attention to assist struggling students and helps with small group exercises.

Cyndi Jones
First Colonial High School

Whether it is in the role of PTSA Community Service Awards Chair, Gradfest Volunteer Coordinator or Booster Club volunteer, Cyndi Jones’s commitment over the past six years to the First Colonial High School (FCHS) community is second to none. When she is not at her fulltime job or volunteering in the community, you will find her working behind the scenes at every FCHS event. Cyndi is a one of a kind volunteer who practices what she preaches about providing community service!

Jileen Cassell
Glenwood Elementary School

Known as the “Heart of Glenwood,” Jileen Cassell has volunteered at Glenwood Elementary School for the past 13 years. Reliability, dedication and trustworthiness are traits that describe this amazing volunteer who assists teachers with multiple projects and classroom activities as well as helping at PTA events such as the spring carnival, movie nights and awards ceremonies. When asked why she is a volunteer, she replies, “I believe in giving back.”

Missy Dixon
Great Neck Middle School

*PTA Citywide Volunteer of the Year at the Secondary Level* - Missy Dixon is the epitome of the selfless volunteer serving multiple years as PTA President for schools in the Great Neck area. She spends more than 15 hours each week facilitating large events like schoolwide participation in the PTA Reflections program, recruiting volunteers, assisting in the clinic as well as attending numerous school and PTA events. When something can’t be finished during the school day, she quickly volunteers to take projects home to complete. She is the goodwill ambassador extraordinaire at Great Neck Middle School (GNMS) and the first to thank, congratulate and recognize others for their efforts. GNMS couldn’t be more impressed or more proud of their 2016 School Volunteer of the Year.

Dawn Gregoriou
Green Run Collegiate

As a strong advocate for Green Run Collegiate, Dawn Gregoriou works diligently to promote the International Baccalaureate programs. Besides serving as the PTSA Treasurer at Green Run Collegiate, she chaperones field trips, assists at fundraising events and helps the art teacher.  As a member of the School Planning Council, she contributes ideas for increasing parent and community involvement. Her faithful support and dedication to the school community is appreciated.

Jean James
Green Run Elementary School

Jean James, a retired second-grade VBCPS teacher, spends numerous hours helping students and teachers in all grade levels. She reinforces lessons, works with individual students who require extra help and reads to students. She also helps teachers prepare interactive materials for their lessons. A great role model, Mrs. James is admired by all for her wonderful personality and true professionalism.

Anne Flavin
Green Run High School

Anne Flavin is the glue that holds the Green Run High School (GRHS) Parent’s Club together. She is admired for her ability to single-handedly supervise all parent functions for GRHS NJROTC events. She can be counted on to step up to the plate and deliver. The Stallions are proud to recognize Mrs. Flavin as the school’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year.

Alicia Batteson
Hermitage Elementary School

Alicia Batteson helps all teachers. Even though she is a military spouse and frequently runs a single-parent household, she manages to carve time out of her busy schedule to volunteer at Hermitage Elementary School (HES). Without her assistance, her willingness to coach other volunteers, and her open and kind personality, our volunteer corps would be seriously challenged to meet all the needs of students and staff. Everyone appreciates her time and dedication to making HES school the best it can be!

James Fox
Holland Elementary School

Grandfather Jim Fox currently serves as the PTA Treasurer and is a member of the School Advisory Council. His calm and positive attitude goes a long way to help motivate and inspire students. When he is not working with students, he is helping technology staff with computer issues, equipment inventory and maintenance. Willing to jump in wherever he is most needed, Mr. Fox is truly making a difference in the lives of students at Holland Elementary School.

Tanya Davis
Independence Middle School

When one thinks of volunteerism at Independence Middle School, Tanya Davis immediately comes to mind due to her enthusiasm, school spirit and constant presence. As a lead parent volunteer, she ensures all student athletes have clean uniforms for every competition. She assists with concessions, cookie baking and taking pictures at school events. In addition to serving the PTA at IMS, she is an active supporter at Pembroke Elementary and Bayside High schools.

Adriana Vargas
Indian Lakes Elementary School

Adriana Vargas is known and appreciated for the dedication, commitment, energy and warm personality that she radiates throughout Indian Lakes Elementary School. A school volunteer for several years, she serves the school in a variety of roles including currently serving as First Vice President of Programs. Mrs. Vargas also assists in the library, helps in classrooms and works with the Student Council Association (SCA ). Principal Jennifer Born applauds her tenacity for making events memorable.

Josh Copon
Kellam High School

Josh Copon volunteers in all areas of performing arts at Kellam High School. He choreographed several performances including musicals and chorus concert numbers in addition to the school’s coveted Mr. Kellam Pageant. Mr. Copon assists in technical areas with lighting and sound. Recently an emcee for the annual school Fashion Show, he is always willing to help where needed. Tammy Smith, drama teacher, shares, “We are grateful for the ways this former Kellam Knight continues to give back to his alma mater.”

Melissa Boone
Kemps Landing/Old Donation School

Every day Melissa Boone can be spotted in a classroom or the library. Actually, any place she goes, she makes student activities extra special! For the students at Kemps Landing/Old Donation School, her volunteerism is a wonderful example of how one person can truly make a difference in the lives of many others. Whether co-chairing the 8th grade formal, running the tennis club, sponsoring the Casual Chess Club, chaperoning field trips or planning the end-of-year picnic, she never fails to provide the best opportunities for students!

Brandi Caudill
Kempsville Elementary School

With a smile on her face, Brandi Caudill makes a difference in the lives of staff members and students at Kempsville Elementary School. Her energetic, creative and hardworking spirit is the reason Mrs. Caudill is ready to meet any task. From eating lunch and enjoying the company of students in the cafeteria to helping students select books at the Book Fair, she puts her heart into every assignment.

Kimberly Weaver
Kempsville High School

After four years of serving on the All-Night Graduation Celebration Committee at Kempsville High School, Kimberly Weaver earned the distinction of co-chair for the past two years. Because of her concerted efforts, this event continues to be one of the city’s most well-attended All-Night Graduation parties. Kimberly has many admirable qualities, but her friendly, outgoing nature, coupled with her willingness to help others makes her an admired leader at the school that others often emulate.

Carole Martin
Kempsville Meadows Elementary School

Carol Martin is an active member in the PTA, volunteering at multiple events each year. Besides assistance she provides to the reading specialist, her main claim to fame is the positive growth of the school store under her leadership. Students undergo an authentic hiring process by completing an application and being interviewed. Thanks to Mrs. Martin, Kempsville Meadows Elementary students get valuable lifelong lessons like these while delivering great customer service and applying math skills to conduct financial transactions. She is someone who is truly loved by students, parents and staff members.

Huntley Kendall
Kempsville Middle School

Without reservation, Huntley Kendall eagerly gives her time and energy to help staff and students.  She provides support in the classroom, works alongside students in AVID classes, helps with extracurricular activities, assists with celebrations and family nights, serves as a board member and organizes field trips.  As PTA Vice President, she solicits and publishes information for a weekly newsletter and coordinates PTA updates on the school’s website to continuously improve parent/school communication.  Mrs. Kendall has a heart for PTA and its mission of being an advocate for students! 

Laura Scanlon
King’s Grant Elementary School

As PTA President last year and VP Membership Chair this year, Laura Scanlon is the “go-to” lady for anything that needs to be accomplished. With a smile and boundless energy, she spends countless hours helping teachers prepare lesson materials, organizes special presentations for students and facilitates PTA grants to support classroom enrichment projects. Thanks to Mrs. Scanlon, staff members receive a special treat in their mailboxes each month. Mrs. Scanlon makes it a fun, learning experience for everyone at King’s Grant Elementary School.

Kristin Zeman
Kingston Elementary School

Military spouse Kristin “Kris” Zeman possesses the finest qualities of a volunteer. She is trustworthy, professional and a responsible leader who has served Kingston Elementary School well in her role as PTA Treasurer for the past two years. In addition to keeping the PTA finances in order, she provides classroom support and chaperones students on field trips. Always prepared and organized, Mrs. Zeman dedicates 20 hours each week to lending a hand wherever help is needed.

Ruth Cole Hargrave
Landstown Elementary School

Affectionately known as “Ms. Ruth” by Landstown Elementary School students, Ruth Cole Hargrave is a sweet volunteer who devotes numerous hours each month assisting students with reading. Her energetic and pleasant manner keep children engaged and they love to hear her message, “I know you can do it. You’re almost there. Keep going.” Students, who improve their reading skills, receive one of her specially painted rocks. Ms. Ruth is the type of volunteer every school treasures.

Yvette Bubulka
Landstown High School

“When we think of the ultimate volunteer, we think of Yvette Bubulka,” says Martha Springstead, Landstown High School Fine Arts Director. An active PTSA Board member, she spearheads choral fundraising events, chaperones students during performances (which have included venues such as Virginia’s International Tatoo), attends monthly parent meetings, and ensures faculty and staff have everything they need to assist students. As Hospitality Chairperson for the past two years, she works concessions which benefit the All-Night Grad celebration. All who know Mrs. Bubulka, recognize and appreciate her passionate heart for service.

Lori Bridges and Shannon Hanson
Landstown Middle School

Lori Bridges and Shannon Hanson, Hospitality Co-Chairs at Landstown Middle School, are truly the dynamic duo! Over the past three years, their involvement at the school has helped to create a positive climate making each day brighter and fun for the entire staff. It is not at all unusual to find them in the bus loop distributing cupcakes and water to bus drivers or in the office stuffing staff mailboxes with birthday surprises. These ladies find creative and exciting ways to show appreciation to staff members for all they do to engage students in learning.

Jacqulin Ruffin
Larkspur Middle School

Jacqulin Ruffin is clearly an outstanding volunteer who works tirelessly to help teachers in all grade levels at Larkspur Middle School (LKMS). Several days each week she assists teachers with copying, checking papers and assignments, lesson preparation, room activities and performing other services as teachers may require. In addition to spending countless hours at LKMS, she volunteers at Arrowhead Elementary and Landstown High schools. Her positive energy, encouraging words and vibrant smile are a welcomed sight at Larkspur Middle School.

Suzy Hamilton-Shull
Linkhorn Park Elementary School

Unsung hero, constant contributor, industrious asset are just a few phrases that describe Suzy Hamilton-Shull. For the past 10 years, she has diligently completed any task assigned without hesitation. From simple jobs, such as maintaining the school supply cabinet or cleaning out the PTA storage unit, to tasks that require months of planning and meetings, such as assisting with fifth grade graduation or recording thousands of Box Tops for Education collected each year. She is Linkhorn Park Elementary School’s consummate volunteer.

Scotti-Jean Fisher
Luxford Elementary School

Scotti-Jean Fisher works hard to build and strengthen bonds between staff and parents at Luxford Elementary School. One of her greatest accomplishments was helping the music teacher transform the school courtyard into an outdoor learning environment. Parents, students and staff members worked together, under Mrs. Fisher’s guidance and leadership, to plant shrubs and flowers to bring the project to fruition. What a great way to expand the learning environment to provide more opportunities to enhance the curriculum!

Stella Washington
Lynnhaven Elementary School

With integrity and a strong work ethic, Golden Circle member Stella Washington serves Lynnhaven Elementary School as the PTA Treasurer. Always with a smile on her face, she supports activities like PTA Bingo, school dances, the school carnival, Field Day, and the list goes on and on. Her dedication, organizational skills and friendly demeanor make her an exceptional volunteer.

Renee Hosang
Lynnhaven Middle School

Renee Hosang serves as PTA Treasurer of Lynnhaven Middle School. Not only does she balance the PTA books, she helps new board members transition into their positions. She is always willing to assist where needed and has been instrumental in finding ways to increase parent communication. Her caring and nurturing manner continues to make a positive impact on the school community.

Renee Ramsey
Malibu Elementary School

As PTA Ways and Means Coordinator, Heather Ramsey organizes many fundraising events and solicits donations from community businesses to enhance the education of students at Malibu Elementary School. One of her most successful endeavors has been “Malibu Night” at Barnes and Noble. The event provided an opportunity to raise money for teachers to purchase books and supplies for their classrooms while having a great time with school families and school staff.

Jacqui Langlois-Vereb
New Castle Elementary School

Jacqui Langlois-Vereb dedicates many hours assisting teachers in the classroom. She is comfortable working with small student groups as well as providing one-on-one assistance to improve reading and math skills. A regular attendee at Read to Me, she motivates and encourages students at New Castle Elementary School to do their best. Her positivity and warmth abounds as she works closely with students and teachers to improve achievement.

Jecola Doughty
Newtown Elementary School

For two years, Jecola Doughty has willingly and thoughtfully performed a variety of tasks at Newtown Elementary School. A reliable volunteer, she assists in classrooms and helps teachers prepare materials for meaningful, innovative lessons. In the office, Ms. Doughty greets visitors and aids office personnel with a multitude of tasks. Her assistance in the cafeteria ensures that students have a safe, comfortable place to enjoy their lunch and relaxing conversation with friends.

Michelle Tucker
North Landing Elementary School

Michelle Tucker brings her compassionate and positive spirit to North Landing Elementary School where she fills a variety of volunteer roles. She spends most of her week days at school tutoring kindergarten students. As PTA Second Vice President, she chairs the Spirit Wear Committee spending time working with logo designers, advertising, ordering, sorting, and delivering spirit wear. She also helps with the Ecology Club and participates at all PTA events. As one who loves a challenge, she is willing to work hard on any task that comes her way.

Cynthia Fillio
Ocean Lakes Elementary School

Loved by students, Cynthia Fillio finds ways to make all students feel important and valued at Ocean Lakes Elementary School. This mother of two is a proven leader of the PTA and her efforts are a testament to her dedication to helping the organization grow. She oversees many school-wide events to ensure their success. Thanks to Mrs. Fillio, students benefit greatly by participating in outstanding enrichment programs

Kelly Monroe
Ocean Lakes High School

Kelly Monroe has been an extremely active and productive Dolphin volunteer for the past four years. Through her leadership roles in the Friends of Athletics and direct support of Beach Events fundraisers, she contributed to providing 15 senior scholarships this year. She works tirelessly to support all athletic events, including sponsoring amazing recognition banquets at the end of each sport season. According to her peers, “Kelly is leaving a legacy behind and will be remembered as a gifted leader who loved her school and the students.”

Larry Horvath
Parkway Elementary School

Larry Horvath, a retired engineer, plays a critical role in the success of the Parkway Elementary School STEM Robotics Club. Although he doesn’t have any children in the school, he willingly shares his time, expertise and joy of learning with students. Mr. Horvath has brought two great gifts to the STEM Robotics Club where he serves as a technical advisor. Students are thinking critically and they are willing to try new experiences without fearing failure. Mr. Horvath strongly believes that industry needs to connect with all schools. He shares, “Students need to know people who are making their living or in my case have made careers using math and science. Future jobs will require students to have a solid educational foundation; especially in these areas.”

Nancy Dandy
Pembroke Elementary School

A three-year volunteer, Nancy Dandy is an integral part of the literacy initiative at Pembroke Elementary School. She works very closely with first and second-grade students in the “Reading Heroes” program. She encourages students to grow as readers by listening to them read and checks their understanding by asking questions about what they have read. She assists with food and concessions at PTA and school-wide events. One of her finest qualities is reliability which makes her a valuable asset to the school community.

Patricia Steadman
Pembroke Meadows Elementary School

Patricia Steadman’s dedication to the students and community at Pembroke Meadows Elementary School (PMES) is nothing short of remarkable. Assisting teachers where needed, monitoring students in the cafeteria on a weekly basis and serving as manager of the school store are some of the many tasks she happily performs. PMES is fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and involved volunteer who is always willing be involved.

Janice Roller
Plaza Middle School

Janice Roller, a grandparent of a student at Plaza Middle School, volunteers many hours each week, sharing her expertise with students during the sewing phase of their Teen Living course. “She is a lifesaver!” shares teen living teacher Rebecca Stewart. “By sharing her techniques, she helps students improve their skills and successfully complete projects on time that they make them proud.” Currently, Ms. Roller is working with students to make baby blankets that will be donated to the Connect with a Wish Foundation which provides support for children placed in foster care. She is an exemplary role model who demonstrates the importance of giving and providing service to others.

Elizabeth Johnson
Point O’ View Elementary School

Elizabeth Johnson, a dedicated volunteer, brings kindness and joy to everyone in the Point O’View Elementary School community. She helps students one-on-one with reading skills as well as helping teachers prepare lesson materials. As a member of the School Planning Council, PBIS Team and PTA Executive Board, she spends much time attending numerous school and PTA events and assisting with a variety of activities. Mrs. Johnson is student-centered and truly wants the very best for all students.

Volunteers of the Year

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