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Visitor Check-in

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) welcomes parents and visitors in our schools. In order to protect instructional time, we ask that parents or guests who wish to meet with an individual teacher or administrator schedule those appointments in advance. As part of our safe schools practices, all visitors and volunteers are asked to check in at the desk inside the main entrance.

How do visitors or volunteers check in at a school?

In order to receive a visitorís badge, guests must present a valid government-issued ID which includes the personís full name and date of birth. Examples of appropriate identification include:

  • Driverís license
  • U.S. or foreign government/military ID
  • Department of Motor Vehicles photo identification card
  • U.S. Passport

Each guestís ID will be scanned in order to print a visitorís badge which includes the personís photo, name, time of arrival and final destination. As an added security feature, the scanning process includes a cross reference to the national and state sex offender registry. All visitors are required to wear their badge while on school property and sign out at the front desk as they are leaving the building.

What if a guest does not have an ID available at the time of the visit?

If a visitor does not have an ID available or there is difficulty scanning the ID, a guest may be manually checked in to the computer system, provided a badge and escorted to the destination. For security and efficiency purposes, this exception will only be once for each visitor.

Do parents need to present an ID when signing out children?

Yes. All parents who are signing a student out of school early are required to present an ID at the front desk. No child will be released without proper identification. This has been a longstanding practice for the security of students.

Who needs to check in and receive a badge?

All parents, visitors and volunteers must check in at the front desk of the school. VBCPS employees who are wearing a school division issued nametag and uniformed first responders who are at the school in an official capacity are not required to present a second form of identification for scanning.

What information does the school keep after scanning my ID?

No information is stored on the local computer or hard drive. A visitorís name, birthdate and first four digits of the ID are encrypted and held on the server of the Visitor Management Company (Raptor) to maintain a visitor log. This information is not shared or distributed to any third party.


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Last Modified on Wednesday, March 15, 2017