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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038   757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools is the largest school division in the region, consisting of 55 elementary schools,
15 middle schools
, 12 high schools and a number of secondary/post-secondary specialty centers.

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Adult Learning Center5100 Cleveland StreetDr. Randi R. Riesbeck, Director757.648.6050
Advanced Technology Center1800 College CrescentMr. Michael D. Taylor, Director757.648.5800
Alanton Elementary1441 Stephens RoadMs. Charlene E. Garran757.648.2000
Arrowhead Elementary5549 Susquehanna DriveMr. Benjamin L. Gillikin757.648.2040
Bayside Elementary5649 Bayside RoadMs. Catherine M. Brumm757.648.2080
Bayside High4960 Haygood RoadMr. James D. Miller757.648.5200
Bayside Middle965 Newtown RoadDr. Paula Johnson757.648.4400
Bayside Sixth Grade Campus4722 Jericho RoadMs. Camille A. Harmon757.648.4440
Birdneck Elementary957 S. Birdneck RoadMr. Robert V. Yoshida757.648.2120
Brandon Middle1700 Pope StreetMs. Christy E. McQueeney757.648.4450
Brookwood Elementary601 S. Lynnhaven RoadMrs. Christine C. Alarcon757.648.2160
Centerville Elementary2201 Centerville TurnpikeMs. Teresa A. Ritzel757.648.2200
Christopher Farms Elementary2828 Pleasant Acres DriveMs. Teri A. Breaux757.648.2240
College Park Elementary1110 Bennington RoadDr. Sterling A. White, Jr.757.648.2280
Cooke Elementary1501 Mediterranean AvenueMrs. Pamela M. Bennis757.648.2320
Corporate Landing Elementary1590 Corporate Landing PkwyMs. Kelly W. Coon757.648.2360
Corporate Landing Middle1597 Corporate Landing PkwyDr. Freddie P. Alarcon, Jr.757.648.4500
Cox High2425 Shorehaven DriveDr. Michael Kelly757.648.5250
Creeds Elementary920 Princess Anne RoadMs. Casey L. Conger757.648.2400
Dey Elementary1900 N. Great Neck RoadMs. Elizabeth C. Bianchi757.648.2440
Diamond Springs Elementary5225 Learning CircleMs. Gloria Coston757.648.4240
Fairfield Elementary5428 Providence RoadMr. Douglas Knapp757.648.2480
First Colonial High1272 Mill Dam RoadDr. Nancy B. Farrell757.648.5300
Glenwood Elementary2213 Round Hill DriveMr. David B. French757.648.2520
Great Neck Middle1848 North Great Neck RoadDr. Eugene F. Soltner757.648.4550
Green Run Collegiate1700 Dahlia DriveMrs. Rianne Patricio, Interim757.648.5393
Green Run Elementary1200 Green Garden CircleDr. Sheila Wynn757.648.2560
Green Run High1700 Dahlia DriveMr. C. Todd Tarkenton757.648.5350
Hermitage Elementary1701 Pleasure House RoadMs. Angela K. Munari757.648.2600
Holland Elementary3340 Holland RoadDr. Callie M. Richardson757.648.2640
Independence Middle1370 Dunstan LaneMr. Carey Manugo757.648.4600
Indian Lakes Elementary1240 Homestead DriveMs. Jennifer C. Born757.648.2680
Kellam High2665 West Neck RdDr. Daniel W. Smith757.648.5100
Kempsville Elementary570 Kempsville RoadMs. Lori S. Hasher757.648.2720
Kempsville High5194 Chief TrailMr. William W. Harris757.648.5450
Kempsville Meadows Elementary736 Edwin DriveMr. Mikelle C. Williams757.648.2760
Kempsville Middle860 Churchill DriveMr. Dave Portis, Interim757.648.4700
King's Grant Elementary612 N. Lynnhaven RoadDr. Lorena L. Kelly757.648.2800
Kingston Elementary3532 King's Grant RoadDr. Sharon H. Shewbridge757.648.2840
Landstown Elementary2212 Recreation DriveMr. Jeffrey D. Hofmann757.648.2880
Landstown High2001 Concert DriveDr. Cheryl C. Askew757.648.5500
Landstown Middle2204 Recreation DriveMr. John T. Parkman757.648.4750
Larkspur Middle4696 Princess Anne RoadDr. Melanie J. Hamblin757.648.4800
Linkhorn Park Elementary977 First Colonial RoadMs. Barbara Sessoms757.648.2920
Luxford Elementary4808 Haygood RoadMs. Danielle E. Colucci757.648.2960
Lynnhaven Elementary210 Dillon DriveDr. Katherine R. Everett757.648.3000
Lynnhaven Middle1250 Bayne DriveDr. Kellie Mason757.648.4850
Malibu Elementary3632 Edinburgh DriveMs. Micah B. Harris757.648.3040
New Castle Elementary4136 Dam Neck RoadMs. Heather A. Quinn757.648.3080
Newtown Elementary5277 Learning CircleMs. Heidi Rinehart-Richardson757.648.3120
North Landing Elementary2929 North Landing RoadMs. Jill S. Barger757.648.3160
Ocean Lakes Elementary1616 Upton DriveDr. Linda Reese757.648.3200
Ocean Lakes High885 Schumann DriveDr. Claire R. LeBlanc757.648.5550
Old Donation School4633 Honeygrove RoadDr. Kelly A. Hedrick757.648.3240
Parkway Elementary4180 O'Hare DriveMrs. Krista Barton-Arnold757.648.3280
Pembroke Elementary4622 Jericho RoadDr. Linda Hayes757.648.3320
Pembroke Meadows Elementary820 Cathedral DriveDr. Charles L. Spivey757.648.3360
Plaza Middle3080 S. Lynnhaven RoadMs. Deborah U. Price757.648.4900
Point O View Elementary5400 Parliament DriveMr. John T. Chowns757.648.3440
Princess Anne Elementary2444 Seaboard RoadMr. Patrick I. Wroton757.648.3480
Princess Anne High4400 Virginia Beach Blvd.Mr. Danny M. Little757.648.5600
Princess Anne Middle2323 Holland RoadDr. D. Alex Bergren757.648.4950
Providence Elementary4968 Providence RoadMr. Michael A. Taylor757.648.3520
Red Mill Elementary1860 Sandbridge RoadDr. Michelle L. Miller757.648.3560
Renaissance Academy5100 Cleveland StreetMs. Kay L. Thomas757-648-6000
Rosemont Elementary1257 Rosemont RoadMs. Cari A. Hall757.648.3600
Rosemont Forest Elementary1716 Grey Friars ChaseMr. Gregory Furlich757.648.3640
Salem Elementary3961 Salem Lakes Blvd.Dr. Ann Shufflebarger757.648.3680
Salem High1993 SunDevil DriveMr. Matthew Delaney757.648.5650
Salem Middle2380 Lynnhaven ParkwayDr. James J. Smith757.648.5000
Seatack Elementary912 S. Birdneck RoadMr. Vincent M. Darby, Sr.757.648.3720
Shelton Park Elementary1700 Shelton RoadMs. Tara M. Brewer757.648.3760
Strawbridge Elementary2553 Strawbridge RoadMs. Jacqueline Y. Sargent757.648.3800
Tallwood Elementary2025 Kempsville RoadDr. Tamika Singletary-Johnson757.648.3840
Tallwood High1668 Kempsville RoadDr. James Avila757.648.5700
Technical and Career Education Center2925 North Landing RoadMr. David C. Swanger, Director757.648.5850
Thalia Elementary421 Thalia RoadDr. Crystal L. Wilkerson757.648.3880
Thoroughgood Elementary1444 Dunstan LaneDr. Cheryl Zigrang757.648.3920
Three Oaks Elementary2201 Elson Green AvenueMs. Linda L. Sidone757.648.3960
Trantwood Elementary2344 Inlynnview RoadMs. Lou Anne Metzger757.648-4000
Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center/Education Program2533 George Mason DriveMr. Charles Foster757.263.1203
Virginia Beach Middle600 - 25th StreetDr. Sandra R. Brown757.648.5050
White Oaks Elementary960 Windsor Oaks Blvd.Mrs. Stephanie D. Haus757.648.4040
Williams Elementary892 Newtown RoadMr. Timothy Sullivan757.648.4080
Windsor Oaks Elementary3800 Van Buren DriveDr. Sherri Archer757.648.4120
Windsor Woods Elementary233 Presidential Blvd.Mr. Matthew A. Orebaugh757.648.4160
Woodstock Elementary6016 Providence RoadMs. Amy N. Hedrick757.648.4200

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