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School Board Recognitions
December 5, 2017

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. Outstanding Educator Award

The School Board is pleased to recognize Ocean Lakes High School teacher Kathy Turner who was named one of the University of Chicago’s 2017 Outstanding Educators.

The purpose of the award is to recognize select high school teachers for making a difference in the lives of students enrolled in the university. Ms. Turner, who is the school’s Science Department Chair and is also a National Board Certified Teacher, was nominated by a former student in her AP chemistry classes who is now attending the University of Chicago. Here is a portion of what the student wrote:

You taught me to always have a good work ethic when approaching problems, even if I didn’t think I could complete them. You helped me to discover time management skills that I have used in all other subjects and plan to use for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything you have taught me both in chemistry and in how to approach other problems that I will encounter in life.

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Turner on this outstanding honor!

6B. 2017 Economic Educator Award
Our next recognition is for Plaza Middle School eighth-grade teacher Anthony Nobles who earned first place in the 2017 Economic Educator Awards Program sponsored by the Virginia Council on Economic Education.

Mr. Nobles won first place in the K-12 Lesson or Unit category for his entry “Island Economy Simulation.” His creative two-part lesson had students showcase their knowledge about the principles of economics by pretending to build an economy from the ground up for a group of people stranded on an island. As part of the lesson, students demonstrated their mastery of economics vocabulary by writing stories about the people on the island. In part two of the lesson, students proposed which of the world’s four major economic systems would work best for their island. Students also had to justify their choice and the impacts that system would have on their characters, particularly when facing issues of scarcity.

Congratulations on this well-deserved award!

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