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School Board Recognitions
May 2, 2017

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. HOSA: Future Health Professionals

What are the definitions of epidemiology and pathophysiology? Our first students know these answers since they placed first in their respective events at the recent Future Health Professionals state competition. Let’s meet them.

Mark Aguisanda from Bayside High School – First place in epidemiology. To win, Mark not only had to complete a 50-item test about the effects of health and disease on populations, he also had to apply his knowledge to a case study.

Myah Blackman and Kimberly Spear, Bayside High School. First place – Community Awareness. This team was awarded first place for raising community awareness about a health topic of local, state or national interest. They selected the topic of diabetes and worked with a local middle school to raise awareness.

Zion Clark, Bayside High School. Zion took first place in Medical Spelling, but this just wasn’t about spelling. This event also tested one’s ability to define medical terms. After several elimination rounds, Zion emerged as the first place winner.

Krinaben Desai, Jaaziel Concio, Valentine Vila, Hira Azher and Urja Patel from Bayside High School - These students won first place for creating a 30-second public service announcement called “My Preparedness Story: Staying Healthy and Resilient,” a video that walks individuals to through a series of questions that help them prepare for a catastrophic event.

Sharanya Deshmukh, Bayside High School – First place, pathophysiology.
In this event, Sharanya had to complete a 100-item test, plus an essay question, demonstrating her knowledge about recognizing human disease and conditions.

Chineme Nwokoji, Bayside High School – First place in Medical Reading.
If we’re visiting a health professional, it’s comforting to know that they know their material and that is the case with this category. This event asks students to read four selected books and competitors are tested on the recall, application and analysis of the material—all good skills that we want from our doctors.

Damian Martinez-Pineda, Logan Harper, Marina Organt and Sharanya Deshmukh all from Bayside High School – Another great quality in the medical profession is teamwork. These four students competed in the HOSA Bowl which tests students’ understanding and knowledge on various topics and situations related to the medical profession. They had to recall, apply or analyze information, statements and definitions as they competed in elimination rounds. In the end, they finished as the first place winners.

Mandana Ravanpak, Johnathan Gilliam, Aedan Winter, and Eamon Sullivan, Bayside High School, First Place in Medical Debate. This year’s debate topic was “America has the best health care system in the world.” The purpose of this event was to provide students the opportunity to research the pros and cons of the topic and showcase their knowledge in a debate format.

Matthew Villanueva, Grayson Punzalan, Austin Hampton, and Reagan Reeves, Bayside High School – First place in Creative Problem Solving. This team was presented with a hypothetical health situation and as a team had to compete in a series of rounds to apply their knowledge of problem-solving skills.

Summer Williams, student at the Virginia Beach Tech and Kellam High School. She won two first places. In dental sciences she had to not only take a comprehensive written exam covering all aspects of dentistry, she also had to conduct a hands-on activity that is performed in front of judges. The other category where she placed first was in oral pathology and radiology. Here, competitors were shown overheads and had to answer 50 questions—similar to trying to diagnose a patient.

Congratulations to all of our first place winners in the Future Health Professionals statewide competition. Well done!

6B. Educators Rising
Next, we would like to recognize students who earned first place in the 2017 Educators Rising state competition for aspiring teachers:

Nicole Finocchio, student at the VB Tech Center. Home school: Kellam High School. Nicole won first place in Exploring Education Administration Careers after shadowing the principal of an elementary school where she learned valuable lessons about leading a school but most importantly, seeing how teachers and administrators work together to make a difference for students.

Jade Hooper, VB Tech Center. Home school: Bayside High. First place in Creative Lecture. Jade delivered a nine-minute “Ted-Talk” speech on the topic of situations impacting the social and emotional well-being of today’s students.

Aubrey Redifer, VB Tech Center. Home school: Bayside High School. Aubrey won the Educators Rising Leadership Award for creating a service literacy project to help English language learner students. This included writing her own lesson plan with several strategies for small group instruction.

Aubrey Redifer (who is already up front) Kailyn Bourque, Mikayla Rasmussen students at the VB Tech Center. Home school: Bayside High. This team won first place in “Researching Learning Challenges” by producing a research-supported position paper addressing this year’s topic which was assisting students with speech and language impairments.

Ogechukwu Okoli, VB Tech Center student. Home school: Bayside High School. First place in job interview. Oge’s task was to apply for a position as a paraprofessional. This included submitting application materials that demonstrated why she is the best candidate for the position. Based on her first place win, we can say that she was the judge’s hiring choice.

Katherine Stauch, Madeline Stauch, Amy Needham, Seth Payne. VB Tech Center students. Home high school: Cox. This student team won first place in the category “Inside Our Schools” for creating an uplifting video showcasing how much students appreciate their teachers.

Miranda Scheetz. VB Tech Center student. Home high school: Tallwood. Miranda won first place in Impromptu Speaking for coherently and clearly thinking about a current education topic.

Felicia Willis, Kamryn Creary, Mikayla Rasmussen, Alison Loesch. VB Tech Center students. Home high school: Bayside. First place in Impromptu Lesson. This team was challenged to create a writing lesson for third-grade students and not only present but to defend their purpose for each part of their lesson.

Christina Zendzion. VB Tech Center. Home high school: Tallwood. First place in Lesson Planning and Delivery. Christina’s assignment was to create an introductory lesson to one of the Japanese alphabets. The audience were fifth-grade students who have signed up for the Exploratory Japanese elective next year at their middle schools. Obviously, Christina’s plan was the best.

Please join me in congratulating all of them for their first place wins in the 2017 Educators Rising state competition

6C. ProStart
Unfortunately, our last group of honorees was unable to join us this evening, but we still wanted to congratulate them for their first place win in the ProStart competition for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

The students are
Joy Kipler
Amanda Rosado
Marissa Ward
And Eileen Wentworth.

They are all students at the VB Tech Center and their home school is Tallwood.

Congratulations to them!

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