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School Board Recognitions
April 18, 2017

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. VHSL State Vault Champion
For our first recognition, the School Board is proud to recognize not just a state vault champion, but a two-time gymnastics state vault champion: Emily Ware, senior at Kellam High School.

Emily won the title in 2016 in Group 6A and she earned it again at the 2017 state championship. But it didn’t come easy. It came down to the last event where she was the very last competitor. With fans cheering for her to “make it the best vault of her life” she did, finishing with the highest score of the entire meet. Emily, who is team captain of the legendary five-time state gymnastics team from Kellam High School, caps off an amazing gymnastics career that began when she was 4 years old. Her next championship move is to attend the University of Virginia.

Please join me in congratulating two-time state vault champion, Emily Ware!

6B. VHSL Basketball Player of the Year
Our second of four recognitions is for the player who the Virginia High School League named the Group 6A Basketball Player of the Year. Please welcome Michael Christmas, sophomore at Landstown High School.

You heard right. He is a sophomore and is already the top basketball player. Michael averages 21 points, 10 rebounds and 3 block shots per game, which played a big role in helping Landstown win its first-ever regional championship. The Eagles then went on to state where they advanced to the semi-final round. There, he captured the eyes of the voting judges enough to be one of only eight players named to the league’s Group 6A first team. Of those eight, it was Michael’s incredible talent and demeanor why he was named the Basketball Player of the Year.

Congratulations Michael! We look forward to two more incredible years!

6C. Virtual Enterprises International First Place Winners
Our next recognition is for students in the Advanced Technology Center’s Advanced Web Design class. They earned first place awards in the annual mid-Atlantic regional competition that tests students’ creativity in creating mock businesses. Let’s meet the students:

  • Cameron Almazan
  • Winston Anderson
  • Cameron Gearhardt
  • Doug Griffin
  • Erica He
  • Robert Hunter
  • John O’Donald
  • and Kandace Robinson

Unable to join us this evening are students:

  • Christian Bradley
  • Elon Dancy
  • Katelyn Delaney

Called the Virtual Enterprise (VE) International Mid-Atlantic Region’s Annual Business Plan Defense and Trade Show, this competition offers students the opportunity to develop mock virtual businesses. The entire class joined together in creating a mock virtual web and design company, which they called Globalyze. At the competition, students had the opportunity to present their ideas before a panel of judges.

The entire class collaborated in writing the company’s business plan. Then, as with real businesses, they each took on different tasks. When we call your name if you could please briefly step forward.

Four of the company’s “business executives” had to orally defend their company’s plan, and for their winning presentation they won the first place award. Those students were the team of Erica He, Cameron Gearhardt, John O’Donald and Robert Hunter.

Another team was tasked with creating a lasting company impression through company apparel. Their Globalyze logo, used on t-shirts and business shirts, won first place. That creative team was Christian Bradley, Erica He and Winston Anderson.

They also won first place for their eye-catching business card design.
That team was Robert Hunter, Doug Griffin and Elon Dancy.

They also won first place for impact marketing for creating a mock-up billboard. That team was Christian Bradley and Cameron Gearhardt.

I think we’re seeing a trend with their awards so members of the audience can feel free to jump in to assist in the recognition.

The company also had to create effective printed promotional sales pieces and guess which award they won? First place of course! That team was Erica He, Katelyn Delaney and Kandace Robinson.

Finally, every company needs a website and this is an Advanced Web Design Class so guess what place they won in this category? That’s right, first place. This team was: Robert Hunter, Christian Bradley, John O’Donald, Cameron Almazon, Katelyn Delaney and Erica He.

Please join me in congratulating these talented students!

6D. Government Finance Officers Association Award
Our final recognition this evening is for our school division’s Department of Business Services which just received the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in financial reporting. Here to accept the recognition is Director of Business Services Crystal Pate.

This award was established to recognize state and local governments that go beyond the minimum requirements of general accounting principles and through their work evidence the spirit of transparency and full disclosure. The Office of Business Services is being presented this award for the division’s work on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 2016. We also have to recognize entire Office of Business Services staff who work diligently to complete this report. Will you please stand?

Please join me in recognizing the Department of Business Services for receiving this prestigious award.

Mrs. Chairwoman, this concludes our recognitions for the evening.

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