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School Board Recognitions
January 24, 2017

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. National PTA Schools of Excellence

We have three outstanding recognitions this evening. Our first recognition is for two of only 14 schools in Virginia named 2016-2018 National PTA Schools of Excellence. Let’s welcome Woodstock Elementary School and Princess Anne Middle School!

Representing Woodstock Elementary this evening are:

  • PTA President Jennifer Barker;
  • PTA Vice President Natalie Carrier;
  • PTA Secretary Crystal Kasper; and
  • Principal Amy Hedrick.

Representing Princess Anne Middle School are:

  • PTA President Christine Sullivan;
  • Former PTA President Janine Sarach;
  • PTA Vice President Kim Wells; and
  • Assistant Principal Briana Jennings.

Created in 2014, this awards program was established by the National PTA to examine how families feel their schools measure up against research-based indicators of the National Standards for Family and School Partnerships. A few of these standards include:

  • Welcoming all families into the school community;
  • Communicating effectively;
  • Supporting student success; and
  • Speaking up for every child.

The recognition is awarded to schools where families—through surveys—report that the PTA and school have a high level of family engagement. A school can also earn the award when the PTA and school have made a substantial positive improvement in families’ perceptions since the beginning of the year.

As honorees, the two schools will receive banners to proudly display for the two years of the designation.

Congratulations to both schools on this notable award!

6B. VHSL Volleyball Champions – Group 5A
Next, the School Board is pleased to recognize Virginia’s 2016 state volleyball champions in Group 5A. Let’s meet the championship team from Princess Anne High School:

  • Georgia Barefoot
  • Jassli Baylor
  • Chloe Boltz
  • Abigail Bottomley
  • Ashley Burgess
  • Daria Burrows
  • Krista Clark
  • Chloe Coose
  • Reilly Duwa
  • Jayna Francis
  • Erin Gray
  • Elizabeth Hunt
  • Catherine Latchford
  • Ella Mangels
  • Katharina Martin
  • Hayley McKinney
  • Karina Monroy
  • Catherine Munitz
  • Emma Niland
  • Chika Osuchukwu
  • Alyssa Presto
  • Weronika Rakowska
  • Julia Rochester
  • Ruby Romsland
  • Kingston Thorson
  • Alyssa Vitale
  • Peyton Washington

Volunteer Assistants:

  • Aaron Maosi
  • Russell Thompson,
  • Valerie Kallam
  • John Castro

and Coach Craig Doreen

The Princess Anne Girls Volleyball Team experienced an amazing journey to the state championship. After season-ending, heartbreaking losses in previous years, this team decided to not only play for each other, but also play for all the former players who came before them and helped build the school’s excellent program. With that mindset, they finished the season with a school-setting record of 31 wins and only two losses. That includes a 27-match win streak. In addition, they won all seven possible tournament championships. By the end of the season, this team was ranked as the number one girls’ volleyball team in Virginia and, according to Max Preps, was ranked 20th in the nation. What a comeback story!

Congratulations to Virginia’s state volleyball champions from Princess Anne High School!

6C. Outstanding Biology Teacher for Virginia
Our final recognition is for Salem High School Teacher Cindy Kube who was named Virginia’s Outstanding Biology Teacher by the National Association of Biology Teachers.

“Think like a scientist” and “stay curious” are two mantras that you’ll often hear Ms. Kube tell students, particularly when they are grappling with new content or ideas. She fosters a foundation of intellectual growth and inquiry by surrounding her students with lessons that are filled with laughter; include hands-on games and activities; and are supported by a classroom environment filled with objects that promote enthusiasm for learning. You will even find a life-size skeleton in her classroom. Her goal is to create a learning environment in which students are free to explore ideas, understand that science is based on evidence, and recognize the importance of being an educated, informed citizen. Who wouldn’t want to be a student in her class?

Congratulations to Salem High School’s Cindy Kube, Virginia’s 2016 Outstanding Biology Teacher.

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