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School Board Recognitions
June 7, 2016

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. International Aviation Art Contest

The School Board is pleased to welcome our first honoree: Kyra Reid Virginia’s first place winner in the 2016 International Aviation Art Contest.

A student at Salem High School, Kyra is also enrolled as a Digital Design I student at the Advanced Technology Center. Her hand-drawn artwork of birds and air sports interacting in harmony with nature took top honors for her age group out of more than 150 entries.

Please join me in congratulating this talented artist!

6B. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Our next recognition is for students who have a knack for style, organization and function. Please welcome: Tallwood High School students Braundy Olson and Maurisa Smith.

If you guessed that they won first place in interior design, you are correct. These technical and career education students competed at the recent Family, Career and Community Leaders of America statewide competition. As a team, they created a design plan for a fictional client which they presented before a panel of judges and was named best in the competition.

For stellar interior design skills, congratulations to this first place team!

6C. Future Business Leaders of America
These next students just could be owners of the next All of them take classes at the Advanced Technology Center in addition to their home high schools. Please welcome first place winners of the 2016 Future Business Leaders of America statewide competition.

The team of:
Jack Buckon, student at First Colonial;
Chris Younkin, student at Cox High School; and
Isabella Ocasio from Kellam High School, who couldn’t attend this evening.
This team won in Mobile Application Development.

Another team:
Noah Harris from Landstown High School;
Jamie Junda from Salem High School; and
Lucas Morgan from Princess Anne High.
This team won the 3D animation competition.

So remember their names—any of them just could be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

6D. HOSA: Future Health Professionals
Quiz time: Do you know the location of your mandibular? This next honorees sure does since she was a first place winner at the statewide HOSA: Future Health Professionals competition. Let’s meet Hannah Heh who won first place in Dental Sciences.

Aside from her first place win and knowing that mandibular refers to a jaw, Hannah also recently became the first high school student in Virginia to pass all three tests of the recently-released National Entry Level Dental Assistants certification.

Congratulations to this Future Dental Health Professional!

6E. ProStart
If you want to know what’s trending in the restaurant industry, ask these next honorees. They won a first place team award for developing a proposal for the next hot restaurant concept. Let’s meet them:

  • Kobe Cura
  • Cody Constant
  • Jordan Kidd
  • Netaja Meekie
  • Alezia Sanchez

These Landstown High School students competed at the Virginia ProStart student invitational, a program developed by the National Restaurant Association to foster the passion of students focused on restaurant management and culinary arts. They won in the Management Category and also had to quickly solve challenges that restaurant managers face on a daily basis.

Please join me in congratulating this trendy, think-on-your feet team!

6F. SkillsUSA
To win this next competition, these first place winners had to prove that they not only have the knowledge but the hands-on skills to be the best in their field. Hence the name of the competition: SkillsUSA. Let’s meet the first place winners:

  • Hunter Hearne, from Landstown High School won first place in Internetworking;
  • Robert Lake from Landstown High School, won first place in Current Events.
  • Bradley Willett, from Kellam High School, first place winner in Telecommunications;
  • The team of Seth Sifuentes from Kempsville High School and Tyler Harrison from Tallwood earned first place in 3D Visualization.
  • The team of Tyler Armentrout, Ocean Lakes High School; Conor Gerety, Salem High School; and William McClung, from Cox High School won first place in Quiz Bowl.

These students take classes at their home schools in addition to the Advanced Technology Center. Please join me in congratulating these first place winners!

6G. Virtual Enterprises International
Let’s now meet some brilliant entrepreneurs. These students are enrolled in the Advanced Web Design course at the ATC where they partake in business simulations through Virtual Enterprises International. Competing against all of the state’s student-created virtual businesses, the following team of students won first place:

Let’s welcome:
Alexis Williams from Green Run High School and
Delaney Larkin from Kempsville High School
They won first place in Sales Presentation for their excellent direct selling skills that won them a professional contract for a virtual business.

Congratulations to these award-winning, creative thinkers!

6H. National Gold Council of Excellence Awards
This next award (and we’re getting down to the final three of the evening so thank you for your patience) is pretty special since it’s the nation’s highest award presented to student councils. We are proud to say that of the 15 awards presented to Virginia schools, nine of them were awarded to our very own Virginia Beach city public schools.

The 2016 National Gold Council of Excellence award honorees are:

Bayside High School
Accepting the award are Student Cooperative Association, or SCA, President Shaina Moondra and SCA vice president Taylor Lavin

Cox High School
Accepting the award are SCA President Clayborne Loizou and Senior Class President/SCA Executive Board member Lauren Shirley

First Colonial High School
Accepting the award are SCA President Brooke Brady and SCA Historian Caroline Worrell

Kellam High School
Accepting the award are SCA president Emily Rose and Abbie McGee, SCA Co-advisor

Kempsville High School
Accepting the award are Student Activities Coordinator Tim Wolf and Principal William Harris

Landstown High School
Accepting the award are
SCA President Kaiila McEntee and Justice Baird

Ocean Lakes High School
Accepting the award are SCA President Mehron Kouhestani and Second Vice President Jordan Hall.

Salem High School
Accepting the award SCA 2nd Vice President Meredith Holt and SCA Historian Nicole Garcia

Tallwood High School
Accepting the award are SCA President Annie Nguyen and SCA Sponsor Kristen Long

Congratulations schools!

6I. Class of Brickell Scholars
Our final two recognitions are in honor of former superintendent Dr. Edward E. Brickell. The E.E. Brickell Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Virginia Rotary Club to honor rising seniors whose academic performance is exceptional. Let’s meet the Class of 2017 Brickell Scholars:

Annie Clark, Kempsville High School
Richard Fetter, Tallwood High School
Hannah Fleming, Green Run High School
Wesley Iobst, Bayside High School
Jack Jacobs, First Colonial High School
Grace Jeffrey, Kellam High School
Chase Jones, Salem High School
Rohan Joshi, Ocean Lakes High School
Elizabeth Korte Cox High School
Tiffany Liu, Green Run Collegiate
Grace Liu, Princess Anne High School
Isabel Mastrangeli, First Colonial High School
Natalie Novkovic, Landstown High School
Nicolette Pember, Ocean Lakes High School
Gloria Pezzela, Kempsville High School
Enya Pfeiffer, Tallwood High School
Melissa Pineda, Salem High School
Catherine Scalzi, Kellam High School
Frayser Wall, Cox High School
Kayla Wise, Green Run High School
Sam Woo, Princess Anne High School

Brickell Scholars participate in a seminar program and meet with Virginia Beach Rotary Club members on regular basis throughout their senior year. At the conclusion of their senior year, one member of this impressive group of students is awarded the annual Brickell Scholarship by the Rotary Club.

Please join me in congratulating the Class of 2017 Brickell Scholars!

6J. 2016 Brickell Scholar Recipient
That segues nicely to our final recognition. The School Board is pleased to recognize the recipient of the 2016 Brickell Scholarship—Bradley Hilliard, senior at Ocean Lakes High School.

Criteria for this award includes demonstrating an excellent grade-point average, enrollment in the most challenging academic courses, displaying evidence of scholarly work outside of regular school curriculum and achievement of the highest scores on standardized testing.

This AP scholar is the recipient of numerous academic awards, ran track and cross country (even earned the Courageous Achievement Award), and was presented with several leadership distinctions in school and in the community, including serving as sophomore and junior class president as well as earning the Eagle Scout award.

As the Brickell Scholarship recipient, Bradley will receive a $6,000 award to continue his education at the University of Virginia. Great choice!

Please join me in congratulating the 2016 Brickell Scholarship Award Recipient.

Mr. Chairman that concludes our recognitions for this evening. Guests, thank you for celebrating with us these amazing students!

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