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School Board Recognitions
April 5, 2016

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. ACT High Achieving Test Score

The School Board is pleased to recognize Nicolette Pember for earning a perfect score on her A.C.T. Nicolette is a junior at Ocean Lakes High School and the second Virginia Beach City Public Schools student this year to earn that perfect composite score. A perfect composite score is hard to earn. In fact, according to the A.C.T. on average less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the 1.9 million test takers earn a perfect composite score. Just to give you an idea of why this accomplishment is so significant, try solving this sample A.C.T. question. “A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04 per gallon, which of the following is closest to how much gas would cost for this car to travel 2,727 miles”:

A: $118.80B. $408.04C. $444.40

Of course we all know that the answer is B. But try answering questions like “Which of the following is a factor of the polynomial 2x2- 3x-5” or “How many irrational numbers are there between 1 and 6.” Did I mention that students only have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions in the math portion alone? In addition to math, students are also tested in English, reading and science. In some sections, such as science, students have less than one minute to answer each question. And that’s why Nicolette’s accomplishment is pretty spectacular. This exam is a great indicator of college-readiness and proof that our schools are preparing the best and brightest students. Congratulations to Nicolette Pember for earning a perfect score on the A.C.T.!

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