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School Board Recognitions
February 16, 2016

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. Virginia High School League Field Hockey Player of the Year

The School Board is pleased to start this evening’s recognitions by recognizing one of the nation’s most talented athletes. Please join me in welcoming the Virginia High School League Field Hockey Player of the Year in Group 6A: Haley Schleicher. Haley, a senior at First Colonial, capped her illustrious career as the only hockey player in the country to set a record for scoring over 50 goals and 50 assists in a single season—a feat that she accomplished last year and replicated again in her senior season. Not only that, Haley helped her team to two state championship titles and two second place finishes during her four years at First Colonial. Haley has also deservedly earned scores of notable accolades, some of which include being named the

  • Coastal Conference and South Region Player of the Year;
  • All-Tidewater Player of the Year (twice); and a
  • Member of the U19 National Team.

But what we find equally as admirable is her sportsmanship. When asked by a TV reporter about what she thinks of all of this, Haley replied, “I guess I am happy, but it’s nothing that I did. I could not have done it without my team.” Spoken like a true champion! Haley is Duke University bound so we hope to hear more about her. Please join me in recognizing the Virginia High School League Field Hockey Player of the Year: Haley Schleicher!

6B. Virginia High School League Field Hockey Coach of the Year
Our next recognition is for the Field Hockey Coach of the Year: Beanie Schleicher! If her name sounds familiar—you’re right! She is Haley’s mother. But that is not the reason why the Virginia High School League named her as the 2015 Field Hockey Coach of the Year. Under Coach Schleicher’s leadership, First Colonial has been to the state finals the last five consecutive years; won three state championships; and has an overall record of 134 wins and only eight losses. Did we mention that she’s amassed this impressive record in only five years at First Colonial? She’s good and with good reason: she’s a graduate of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, specifically at Kellam High School where she played field hockey, softball, basketball and was a cheerleader. Today, she is one of our outstanding counselors at First Colonial. Perhaps what makes her extremely skilled as a player and coach is her philosophy, which she describes as “To be successful at any sport, you have to have a tremendous work ethic.” Well said!

Please join me in congratulating Beanie Schleicher, the Virginia High School 2015 Field Hockey Coach of the Year!

6C. National Federation of State High School Associations Field Hockey Coach of the Year
Our coaches are so good at what they do that this year two Virginia Beach City Public Schools coaches were honored as the best in their sport by two different state organizations. You just met one. Now let’s meet the National Federation of State High School Associations 2015 Coach of the Year in field hockey: Theresa Platte! A health and physical education teacher and coach, Ms. Platte has led Tallwood High School’s girls’ field hockey team to an overall record of 175 wins and only 95 losses. Her teams have made impressive appearances at 18 district, regional and state tournaments and 36 of the athletes that she coached have earned district, conference, regional or state honors. Even more impressive is that 10 former players are now coaches themselves. Of course, we have to proudly mention that she, too, is a Virginia City Public Schools alumnus who graduated from Kempsville High School.

Please join me in recognizing Theresa Platte, the National Federation of State High School Associations Field Hockey Coach of the Year.

6D. H&R Block Budget Challenge Scholarship Winner
Many skills that people need in life are learned early on by doing—from young children tying their shoes to teenagers driving cars. But when it comes to financial management, many of us don’t learn about it until we reach adulthood and are faced with bills to pay. We are about to meet one high school student who not only has great financial aptitude, he is a national scholarship winner in the H&R Block Budget Challenge. Please join us in recognizing him: Allen Shen, 11th grade student at Princess Anne High School! The H&R Block Budget Challenge is a national competition that tests students’ financial management during the course of six scoring periods held between September and February. Participants are tested by taking on the financial obligations of a fictitious recent college graduate and are given a paycheck, a checking account, and, yes, bills to pay—all fictitious of course! All participants must pay recurring bills such as rent, renter’s insurance, cable, utilities and even the dreaded student loan payments. They are also awarded points based on how well they set aside money for retirement. And just like in life, they’re also surprised with unexpected bills from time to time. We are proud that one of the top scores in the nation belonged to Allen Shen from Princess Anne High School. For his accomplishment, he earned a $20,000 scholarship—but even better, he received a glimpse of what it’s like to be a financially-responsible citizen.

Congratulations Allen, H&R Block Budget Challenge national scholarship winner!

6E. BizInnovator National Champion
If you’re ever in an elevator with our next honoree, be sure to listen. He might just pitch you a great money-making idea. Let’s welcome the fall 2015 BizInnovator Entrepreneur Competition national champion, Tyler Marx, 12th grade student at Princess Anne High School. You heard right…he’s a national champion in an annual youth entrepreneurship national competition hosted by the University of Iowa each spring and fall. Students must write a one-page executive summary outlining a business plan and also submit a three-minute “elevator pitch” video for a product or service. The business plan had to outline a target market, business revenue model, competitive analysis of competing businesses and key management personnel. Competing against entries from 22 states, Tyler won first place in the nation for his Broad Bay Boards business idea, a business which sells college and university logo longboard skateboards. As the national winner he won a $1,500 prize. But back to the elevator pitch for just a moment...Tyler did make the pitch one time and it was to his father. His father’s response, “Write me up a business plan if you’re serious.” And we can all guess what happened next. A few weeks later Tyler came back with a thorough 15-page business plan. Today, it’s an actual operating business.

Congratulations Tyler Marx, you are the 2015 BizInnovator Champion!

6F. Microsoft Office Specialist State Champions
From record-breaking athletes to financially-savvy students to innovative entrepreneurs, now let’s move on to the brightest technology minds. The School Board is now pleased to recognize students who won first place in various categories in the Microsoft Office Specialist State Championship. Let’s meet:

  • Landon Miller, 12th grade student at Princess Anne High School, State Champion in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013;
  • Sidney Stephens, 10th grade student at Princess Anne High School, State Champion in Microsoft Word 2013;
  • Jack Westcott, 12th grade student at Princess Anne High School, State Champion in Microsoft Word 2010; and
  • Michelle Wu, 11th grade student at Princess Anne High School, State Champion in PowerPoint 2013.

Also earning a state championship but unable to join us this evening is:

  • Jacob Allen, 11th grade student at Princess Anne High School, State Champion in PowerPoint 2010.

Each year, more than 400,000 students from 130 countries compete in Certiport’s Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship where they demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products. In some countries such as the United States, students compete in state and national competitions in order to earn the opportunity to represent their country. The four students before you, plus Jacob, are Virginia’s state champions. It’s important to note that there are only six exam categories and our students won all six—which means that Virginia Beach City Public Schools swept the competition! As state champions, the students are now on their way to the national championships which will take place this June in Orlando, Florida.

Please join me in wishing them well and congratulating them as the 2016 Microsoft Office State Champions! Well done.

Mr. Chairman that concludes our student and employee recognitions for this evening.

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