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School Board Recognitions
January 19, 2016

6. Student, Employee and Public Awards and Recognitions
6A. Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the National School Lunch Program

No student should begin their day hungry. For that reason, the School Board is pleased to recognize the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Office of Food Services. The department has taken the initiative to find resources such as the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) offered by the National School Lunch Program that allows local education agencies to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students at eligible schools. This universal meal program, a provision of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2012, streamlines the application process for not only schools and the school division, but also for parents by removing the need to collect paper applications. As a result of our participation this year, Virginia Beach City Public Schools contributed in helping Virginia increase the number of schools participating in the program by 139 percent. That equates to approximately 56,000 more Virginia children attending a school that provides free meals to all students. For this important contribution, Virginia Beach City Public Schools recently received a certificate of recognition from Governor Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia Board of Education. Accepting the award this evening is Food Services Director Dr. John Smith.

Please join me in recognizing our Virginia Beach City Public Schools Office of Food Services for their exemplary efforts in ensuring that children, regardless of economic status, start their day with a good meal and ready to learn.

6B. Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Student-Athlete Achievement Award
The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum honors the Commonwealth’s greatest sports legends and the School Board is extremely proud that this year they chose to present the prestigious Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Student-Athlete Achievement Award to our very own Tallwood High School senior Mia Casciani. In fact, she was one of only two female students in the entire state to receive this award. Candidates are selected for their dedication on the field to their sport and off the field to their community. We know that they made a great choice in selecting Mia. Just listen to her accomplishments:

  • She is a student in the Global Studies and World Languages Academy.
  • She holds a GPA of 4.09.
  • She is a member of the volleyball, diving, swimming, and tennis teams.
  • A few of the titles that she has earned in diving include: Conference Champion, third place in regionals and 15th in state.
  • She’s a National Honor Society and Global Studies Honor Society member.
  • Mia volunteers at her church and also builds oyster castles to help the environment.
  • She speaks five languages: Modern Standard Arabic, Russian, Italian, Latin and English.
  • Her career aspirations are to become a nutritionist or physical therapist.

As you can see, Mia will accomplish anything that she sets her mind to achieve. Please join me in congratulating Mia Casciani, Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Student-Athlete Achievement Award recipient!

6C. Virginia Outstanding Biology Teacher Award
We all know that Great Dreams Need Great Teachers which brings us to our next honoree. The School Board is pleased to recognize Virginia’s 2015 Outstanding Biology Teacher: Princess Anne High School teacher Jamie Carpenter! This prestigious award is presented by the National Association of Biology Teachers and identifies the best biology and life science teachers in each of the 50 states. Mrs. Carpenter is described as an exceptional teacher who designs instruction to be relevant and engaging to ensure that each student achieves the intended learning outcome. Her students work on real-world problems, generate their own investigative questions, incorporate technology to collect and analyze data, draw their conclusions based on evidence, and communicate their findings to their peers—all of which takes place in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Her colleagues regard her as a true professional who is always willing to share her expertise so it’s no surprise that they selected her as the 2014-2015 Princess Anne High School Teacher of the Year. She then went on to become a citywide Top 5 finalist. This was a particularly special honor for Mrs. Carpenter whose 15 years in the teaching profession have all been at Princess Anne High School, which coincidentally happens to be her alma mater. This is another fine example that Great Dreams Do Indeed Need Great Teachers.

Please join me in recognizing Jamie Carpenter, Virginia’s Outstanding Biology Teacher.

6D. AVID National Demonstration School – Landstown High School
From outstanding students to amazing teachers to exemplary schools, the School Board is pleased to recognize Landstown High School which earned the elite distinction as an Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, National Demonstration School. Here to accept the award are: student Alyvia Nacman, AVID instructor Dwight Robinson, Assistant Principal Jennifer Knight, and Principal Dr. Brian Matney. This honor is validated through fall 2017 and recognizes schools across the country that model the very best AVID methodologies and strategies. Today, the program impacts more than 800,000 students in 5,600 schools in 44 states and 16 countries. Although AVID serves all students, the focus is typically on students in the academic middle—and, oftentimes, the first in their family to go to college. Working together, the school and the AVID program places students on the college track by requiring them to enroll in the school’s toughest courses, such as Honors and Advanced Placement. To support them in the rigorous coursework, AVID students learn organizational and study skills, receive academic tutoring, and participate in enrichment activities to make their college dreams a reality. What differentiates AVID from other educational reform programs is the astounding success rate. In 2014 (the most recent year of available statistics for the program), 88 percent of seniors enrolled in the AVID program applied to a four-year college or university. Of those who applied, a phenomenal 78 percent were accepted.

Please join me in offering a hearty congratulations to Landstown High School, an AVID National Demonstration School.

6E. Virginia High School League 2015 Boys Volleyball Champions
The School Board is pleased to recognize the student athletes from Princess Anne High School for being named the Virginia High School League 2015 Boys Volleyball Champions - Group 5A. By winning this championship the team made history becoming the first team in any division to win three consecutive state championships. During the four years of the current senior class, the team amassed an incredible 105 wins and only 18 losses; three state championships; two sportsmanship awards; and scores of additional titles.

Members of this talented team include:

Noah Banasiewicz
Aaron Barefoot
Josh Best
Andrew Butler
Marl Calida
Sean Calida
Josh Dechert
Connor Dooren

Ryan Farmer
Matt Gish
Antonio Greer
Chase Howard
Micah King
Jack MacLeod
Tim Montgomery
Brandon Porter

Xavier Roberts
Tanner Roughton
Josiah Sanzone
Cam Shannon
Zach Sinacori
Courtland Scharenborg
Patrick Trainor

Assistant Coach Tim Stacy and Head Coach Jeff Kinser

Please join me in congratulating the Virginia High School League 2015 Boys Volleyball Champions!

Mr. Chairman that concludes our student and employee recognitions for this evening.

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