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School Board Recognitions
July 31, 2012

6. Student, Employee, and Public Awards and Recognitions

We have no student or employee recognitions scheduled this evening.

However, at this time, we would like to ask Dr. Todd Davidson to step forward for a special recognition. Members of our audience and the viewing public may have seen recent media reports announcing the resignation of our colleague and his plans to relocate with his family to Cleveland. So, before he leaves us, the School Board is pleased to acknowledge Dr. Davidson for his dedication and service to Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Dr. Todd Davidson has been an at-large member of the VBCPS School Board since 2006. He is currently completing his second term on the Board following his re-election in 2010. During that time, Dr. Davidson has been a stalwart advocate for the children of this city and often a voice of reason for this Board. He has played a vital role in helping to develop a world-class strategic plan; Compass to 2015, and has helped navigate the school division through some difficult financial times. His engaged and concentrated efforts to recognize and celebrate diversity have helped to ensure equitable opportunities throughout the district to improve the academic success of all students. Over the last six years, Dr. Davidson has served as the Board representative for a number of significant committees and community organizations, including the Access College Foundation, the Equity Council, and the Mayor’s Committee for the Disabled.

His dedication to the children and families of this school division and the larger community is deep-rooted and we know it must have been a difficult decision for him to leave. As you have probably heard, Dr. Davidson has accepted a job as the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, beginning in September. Cleveland’s gain is certainly our loss and a loss for Dr. Davidson’s current congregation at Piney Grove Baptist Church here in Virginia Beach.

Todd, while we are truly sorry to see you go, it is my pleasure on behalf of Dr. Merrill, Mr. Edwards, and the entire School Board to present you with this engraved compass as a symbol of the direction and focus that you have provided for the greater good of this City’s children. I speak for all of us when I say that your resignation is a tremendous loss for the division. We know, however, that as a Compass Keeper, you will continue to reach out to whatever community in which you live to foster programs that make a positive difference in our world. We thank you for your years of dedicated service to the Board and to the citizens of Virginia Beach and we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors.

A resolution honoring your service will be approved by the Board as part of the consent agenda later this evening. It reads:

Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Resolution Commending Dr. Todd C. Davidson

Whereas, the direction of public education is of paramount importance to the quality of life in the City of Virginia Beach and the children and young adults are the City's most vital resource; and
Whereas, the importance of excellence in education is affirmed by the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach; and
Whereas, Dr. Todd C. Davidson, was elected to the School Board and has served Virginia Beach City Public Schools with high distinction and outstanding dedication as a School Board member At-Large from July 1, 2006 through July 31, 2012; and
Whereas, his participation has enhanced the School Board's efforts, in partnership with the entire community, to empower every student to become a life-long learner who is a responsible, productive and engaged citizen within the global community.
Now, therefore, be it
Resolved: That the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach commends and extends its grateful appreciation to Dr. Todd C. Davidson for a job well done; and be it
Further Resolved: That a copy of this resolution be spread across the official minutes of this Board; and be it
Further Resolved: That this original resolution be presented to Dr. Todd C. Davidson.
Adopted this 31st day of July 2012

May you and your family enjoy the new opportunities ahead in Ohio.

Mr. Chairman, that concludes our scheduled recognitions for this evening.

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