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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038   757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD

About Us

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) is the largest school division in Hampton Roads and continues to outperform school divisions across the nation on key academic indicators. In 2017, the division reported its best SAT scores since 2008, record On-Time Graduation and dropout rates, more students taking advanced placement (AP) exams, and all 82 testing schools earning full state accreditation.

Student Facts

2016-2017 Enrollment
  67,154 (K-12)
Caucasian   48.6%
Black/African American   23.8%
Hispanic/Latino   11.4%
Multi-race     9.4%
Asian     6.1%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander     0.5%
American Indian/Alaska Native     0.2%

Student Membership in Program Areas
Special Education Student Membership (2017-2018)   7,933
Gifted Program Student Membership (2017-2018)   9,569
Alternative Education Student Membership (2017-2018)   991
Students with a 504 plan (2017-2018)   2,825
Per Pupil Expenditure
(FY 2014-2015)
Cohort Drop Out Rate (Class of 2016)   4.67%

Graduation Rate

(Class of 2016)

SAT Reading & Writing Mean Score (2016-2017)   577
SAT Math Score Mean (2016-2017)   534
SAT Overall Mean Score (2016-2017)   1091
Advanced Placement Exams Taken (2016-2017)   9,631
ACT Composite Score (2016-2017)   23

Staff Facts (Fall 2017)

Number of Employees   15,027
Full-time   9,080
Part-time   1,173
Substitutes & other temps   4,774
Staff Demographics and Other Characteristics
Caucasian   70.0%
African American   19.91%
Asian   4.73%
Hispanic   3.83%
American Indian   .37%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander   .07%
Multi-Race   1.09%
Number of Teachers   5,200
Average Length of Teaching Experience   14.6 years
Salary Range for Teachers
  $44,796 - $77,809

School Facts

Total Schools/Centers   86
Elementary Schools   55
Middle Schools   15
High Schools   11
Charter School (9-12)   1
Specialty Centers   4

School Safety, Transportation and Food Services Facts

Police School Resource Officers Assigned to Schools
Security Assistants Assigned to Schools
Meals Served (2015-2016)
8.47 million
Number of Buses on the Road Daily
Miles Traveled Daily (to and from school only)
Annual Miles Traveled

School Facts

Total Schools/Centers   86
Elementary Schools   55
Middle Schools   15
High Schools   11
Charter School (9-12)   1
Specialty Centers   4


  • VBCPS has 15 Digital Learning Anchor Schools, which serve as pilot schools to try out national trends and best practices in digital learning before deploying them divisionwide.
  • All schools have at least one Technology Support Technician to provide onsite support for technology used for instruction and administrative functions.
  • The school division's fiber network has 120 miles of active in-ground fiber.
  • All schools are supported by a 4GB connection to the Internet.
  • All comprehensive high schools and middle schools have distance learning labs.

Academy Programs

Advanced Academic Programs

Middle School High School

Charter School

Gifted Program

Latest News

Receive the latest news about staff, schools, programs and School Board initiatives as this information is distributed throughout the year.

We Care About the Environment

As the largest school division in the region, Virginia Beach City Public Schools understands the importance of conserving resources and protecting our environment. Read about our unique and innovative conservation efforts.

Read and Watch the Accomplishments of Our Staff and Students!

During each School Board meeting students, staff, programs, and events from across the division are recognized in the Superintendent’s Report and School Board Recognitions. Archived copies of the Superintendent’s Report and School Board Recognitions are available in the School Board Meeting/Workshop Archives.

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