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Virginia Beach students lead the region
and top national scores on SAT

For the seventh consecutive year, Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) outperformed the nation on the SAT. According to the College Board, the VBCPS Class of 2017 bested the national average for overall SAT scores and in scores for the SAT’s content areas: reading and writing and math. VBCPS' scores were also the highest among school divisions in the Hampton Roads region.

  • VBCPS had a mean overall SAT score of 1091 compared to the nation’s overall mean score of 1044 for public school students and 1060 for all students, which include home-schooled, private and parochial school students.
  • In reading and writing, the division’s mean score was 557, or 30 points higher than the national average for public school students and 24 points higher compared to all students.
  • In math, the division’s mean score was 534, or 17 points higher than the national average when compared to public school students and 7 points higher when compared to all students.

“This is wonderful news for our students, our families and our division,” said Dr. Aaron Spence, VBCPS superintendent. “Such a strong performance on the SAT illustrates that our students are mastering not only content in the classroom, but the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to thrive in the college setting as well as in their future careers.”

According to the College Board, VBCPS also outperformed its peers across the nation on the SAT college-readiness benchmarks. These benchmarks indicate a high likelihood of a student’s success in college. Of the 3,001 Class of 2017 VBCPS graduates who took the SAT, 81 percent met the SAT’s reading and writing college-readiness benchmark and 52 percent met the SAT’s math college-readiness benchmark. This was higher than the nation’s 70 percent in reading and writing and 49 percent in math.

VBCPS offers a number of supports to help prepare students for the rigor associated with the SAT. All VBCPS 10th-grade students are required to participate in an online SAT course through Khan Academy, and they have the opportunity to take part in SAT courses and prep classes offered at each of the division’s high schools that build vocabulary, critical reading and writing skills as well as help students develop test-taking and problem-solving strategies. To learn more about available supports, visit the school division’s website, vbschools.com.

The College Board’s report is based solely on SAT results for students who graduated in 2017 and who took the new SAT at least one time during their high school years. The College Board began using the new SAT test and scoring system in March 2016. As such, division comparisons to previous years’ scores are not available.


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