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School Board approves updated grading policy

At its Sept. 7 meeting, the Virginia Beach School Board approved an updated grading policy that will help ensure grading consistency throughout the division. Policy 6-72 now states, in part:

“The most important assessment of student learning is conducted by teachers as they observe and evaluate students in the context of ongoing classroom activities. Classroom teachers have the responsibility for evaluating student progress and providing grades to represent scholastic achievement. Grading is not to be used for discipline purposes.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for developing and implementing a uniform procedure for evaluating student progress across the School Division. Each school by grade level, department or specialized course shall develop and submit grading expectations for approval by the Department of School Leadership. The Superintendent will establish regulations describing procedures for such approval that are consistent with this policy, administrative grading guidelines, and law. Approved grading expectations will be effective for the 2017-18 school year and thereafter reviewed and approved annually.”

The full text of the grading policy is available on www.vbschools.com/students/gradingpractices.

The approval of the new grading policy culminates a year-long research and community input process. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Fair and Equitable Grading Practices Committee reviewed current VBCPS policy and national research and provided the public with recommendations for best practices in grading. The public weighed in on these recommendations via a survey of all secondary teachers, VBCPS-hosted roundtable events, as well as an e-Town Hall. In addition, a group of parents submitted a number of recommendations to the grading practices committee. Those suggestions were also thoroughly reviewed as part of the evaluation process.

“Overwhelmingly, after all these conversations about grading, the feedback we received from our community was to rely on the professional expertise of our teachers,” said VBCPS Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence. “This change in policy allows us to do just that. Our teachers will be the ones to work together by department, grade level or specialized course to identify the grading practices that will be the most successful in their classrooms and buildings. Meanwhile, our grading guidelines, which clearly reflect the community input we received, will help provide some uniformity to the options available to our teachers, and they will ensure that every student in our schools can experience the same fundamental approach to grading from our division.”

As previously reported, this school year will be spent discussing the grading guidelines at the school level with teachers deciding which practices they want to move forward with during the 2017-2018 school year. From there, school committees and teams made up of parents, teachers and building administrators will review those plans to make sure they align with the division’s 2017-2018 grading guidelines.

For more information about grading practices in VBCPS, visit vbschools.com. Attached to this press release are the “2017-18 Guidelines for Best Practices in Evaluating, Grading, and Reporting Student Academic Progress in Secondary Schools” as well as the updated School Board Policy 6-72 - Student Evaluation and Grading/Class Rank.


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