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How the State Funds its Public Schools and
What That Means for Virginia Beach

In response to citizen questions about school funding, the school system has updated its posted budget information on vbschools.com to include a concise explanation of the Local Composite Index (LCI), a complicated formula the state uses to determine the ability of a city or county to fund its public education services.

In explanation, the state calculates the LCI for all of its 132 cities and counties. The higher the LCI the state assigns to a city, the more money that city is expected to put toward operating its public schools. Among the five South Hampton Roads school systems Virginia Beach has been determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia as having the most ability to pay.

However, in recent weeks, there has been considerable dialogue at School Board meetings around this question: Is the City of Virginia Beach living up to the funding responsibilities inherent in its assigned Local Composite Index? To understand more about the significance of the LCI and what it means for funding of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, visit The Lowdown on Your School Dollars page. This page also includes a link to a report from the state superintendent that details the local, state, and federal per pupil expenditures for all 132 Virginia school systems.





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