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Virginia Beach Superintendent Outlines
$39.3 Million in Planned Budget Cuts
for Fiscal Year 2012-13

Virginia Beach Superintendent James G. Merrill tonight outlined for the School Board a proposed budget which addresses a $39.3 million shortfall caused by reduced state and city funding. The recommendations, if implemented, will have a far-reaching and negative impact on programs for children and staff compensation.

Budget reduction strategies include, but are not limited to, the elimination of middle school interscholastic sports and high school junior varsity sports; the elimination of transportation for academy and advanced academic programs, Old Donation Center and Kemps Landing Magnet School; the elimination of the majority of summer school offerings; and, a three-day furlough for all staff. For a list of all proposed cuts, visit The Lowdown on Your School Dollars page on vbschools.com.

In the coming weeks, the School Board will deliberate on the superintendent's proposal. The Board has several options: 1) Accept the superintendent's recommendations; 2) Adjust the proposal but stay within the funding target set by City Council; or 3) Ask for additional funding from City Council. The Board is scheduled to adopt an operating budget for fiscal year 2012-13 on March 6. City Council will then consider the Board's recommendation, ultimately adopting a municipal budget in May which includes funding for schools.


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