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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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Policies and Regulations
Alphabetical Index - S


Safety Program 3-56

Salaries and Compensation 2-48

Salary Adjustments for Promotions/Demotions 2-48.1

Salary Adjustments for Acting Pay and Temporary Duty/Overload Compensation 2-48.2

Salary Schedule for Teachers Placement and Advancement 4-70.2

Sale/Exchange/Lease/Disposal of Property 3-23

Sales on School Property 3-52

Schedules, Routes and Stops/Traffic Control Plan 3-78

Scheduling for Instruction 6-51

School Accreditation Self-Studies 6-3.1

School Activity Funds/Internal Accounts 3-51

School Attendance Zones 5-14

School Board Minutes/Recording Votes/Extensions 1-43

School Board/Staff Communications/Staff Reports to School Board 1-29

School Board Owned Vehicles 3-80

School Bus Privileges 4-24.1

School Cafeterias 3-86

School Calendar 6-12

School/Community Partnerships 7-19.1

School Day 6-13

School Counseling 6-44

School Health Advisory Board 7-21.6

School Hours 6-13.1

School Improvement Process 2-42

School Lunch and Breakfast Program/Generally 3-84

School Lunch/Breakfast - Sale of Food Items 3-86.1

School News: Divisionwide and Individual School 7-5

School Planning Council 2-42.1

School Visitations 1-26

School Visitors 7-17

School Visitors 7-17.1

Science 6-40

Scope and Sequence 6-22

Search and Seizure 5-65

Search and Seizure 5-65.1

Section 403 Investment Plans 4-36.3

Security of Buildings and Grounds 3-64

Security of Buildings and Grounds: Cellular Phones and other Portable Telecommunications Devices 3-65

Service of Process 1-27

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Inappropriate Sexual Conduct and Non-retaliation-complaint procedures 5-44.1

Sexual Harassment, Sexual violence, Inappropriate Sexual Conduct and Non-retaliation Complaint Procedures- Employees 4-4.3

Sexual Harassment, sexual violence, and inappropriate sexual conduct prohibited - students 5-44

Sex Offender Registry Notification 5-68

Sex Offender Registry Notification 5-68.1

Sick Leave 4-45.1

Sick Leave Bank 4-45.2

Sick Leave Banks 4-45

Silent Repose/Commencement 6-16.1

School Improvement Process 2-42

Small, Women-Owned, Service Disabled Veterans and Minority-Owned Business Participation in School Division Procurements 3-8

Social Activities 5-48

Social Studies 6-42

Social Work Services 6-67

Soliciting Funds or Sales 7-36

Soliciting Funds or Sales 7-36.1

Special Education 6-33

Special Education Advisory Committee 7-21.2

Special Meetings 1-46

Special Reserve Fund 3-28

Staff Members as Consultants Outside the School Division 2-57

Standees on School Buses 3-80.2

State Funds 3-17

Student and Staff Wellness 5-58.1

Student and Staff Wellness 5-58

Student Conduct

Student Conduct on School Buses

Student Directory Information 5-66

Student Directory Information: Guidelines 5-66.1

Student Evaluation and Grading 6-72

Student Evaluation and Grading/Class Rank 6-72.1

Student Evaluation and Grading: School based grading and evaluation procedures 6-72.2

Student Government/City-Wide Student Cooperative Association 5-46

Student/Parent/Guardian Appeals 5-6

Student Photographs/Class Rings/Other Sales 5-72

Student Placement 5-25

Student Publications 5-39.1

Student Records 5-31

Student Records: Generally 5-31.1

Student Rights and Responsibilities 5-2

Student Suspensions and Expulsions 5-21

Student Suspension and Expulsions 5-21.1

Student Teachers 4-91

Student Teachers: Placement Procedures 4-91.1

Student Travel for School-Sponsored Events 6-56

Student Travel for School Sponsored Events - International 6-57.1

Student Vehicles 5-51

Students Over 20 5-23

Students Without Records 5-25.1

Subpoenaed Witness, Jury Duty, and Court Appearance Leave 4-51.1

Substitute Teachers 4-90.1

Summer School 6-80

Summer School Teachers Assignment and Placement 4-92

Summer School Teachers Assignment and Placement 4-92.1

Summer Workshops 4-92.2

Superintendent: Appointment/Term of Office/Oath/Compensation 2-7

Superintendent: Evaluation 2-9

Superintendent: Powers/Duties/Responsibilities 2-8

Superintendent: Qualifications 2-5

Superintendent: Recruitment and Selection Procedures 2-6

Superintendent: Vacancy in Office/Fines/Suspension/Separation 2-10

Superintendent's Communication Plan 2-15.1

Superintendent's Leadership Team 2-16.1

Surety Bonds 3-47

Surplus Funds 3-11

Suspension From Work of Teachers or Classified Employees 4-17

Suspension 4-17.1

System of Accounts 3-41