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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 7-70.1


Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations: Corporate and Other Private Sponsorship of Interscholastic Activities

  1. Sponsorship Review Committee

    To ensure the successful governance of School Board Policy 7-70 for corporate and other private sponsorship ("Sponsorship") of interscholastic activities, the Sponsorship Review Committee ("Committee") will serve as an oversight team.

    1. Committee Membership

      The Sponsorship Review Committee shall include the following individuals:

      1. Chief Schools Officer/designee;
      2. Director of Business Services;
      3. Director of Student Leadership; and
      4. Purchasing Agent.

      The principal of a school making a request for approval of a Sponsorship will sit as a non-voting member of the Committee during any deliberations relating to the principal's request.

      In the case of a middle or elementary school request for approval of a Sponsorship, the Executive Director for Middle Schools or Executive Director for Elementary Schools will sit as a member of the Committee.

    2. Committee Responsibilities

      It shall be the responsibility of the Sponsorship Review Committee to:

      1. Review annually the School Board Policy and Regulation pertaining to Sponsorship and make appropriate recommendations to the Superintendent regarding any suggested revisions thereto;
      2. Collect and review annually data on Sponsorships of individual schools and division-wide interscholastic activities;
      3. Review school logs annually for adherence to contractual and procurement policies, and policy and regulations applicable to Sponsorship of interscholastic activities;
      4. Provide annually, on or before August 15th, a written report to the School Board/Superintendent on the scope and nature of Sponsorship activities supporting interscholastic activities;
      5. Provide direction to principals and the Director of Business Services upon request on matters of Sponsorship of interscholastic activities;
      6. Approve or deny requests for Sponsorship based on the terms and conditions outlined in this Regulation and School Board Policy 7-70;
      7. Maintain records of Committee action on requests for approval of Sponsorships; and
      8. Receive, review, and report to the Superintendent on any complaints regarding Sponsorships.

      The Director of the Office of Student Leadership shall assume the responsibility for organizing the Committee, maintaining necessary records, and ensuring that the Committee carries out the responsibilities set forth herein.

  2. Terms and Conditions of Sponsorships Requiring Approval by the Sponsorship Review Committee

    A Sponsorship contract which includes any of the following terms and conditions must be approved by the Committee prior to acceptance:

    1. Sponsorship related to division-wide interscholastic activities;
    2. Revenue or benefit in kind in excess of $5,000 during a single school year per sponsor;
    3. Length of contract beyond one school year;
    4. Payment, reward or incentive of any nature to students, employees, or other individuals;
    5. Receipt of personal property by any individual;
    6. Physical change to School Board property;
    7. Use of marketing venues other than fixed signage, banners, publications, or announcements as described in School Board Policy 7-70; and
    8. A requirement that an individual school or the School Division sell a sponsor's goods.
  3. Site-Based Recordkeeping

    The principal of each school is responsible for maintaining the following records of Sponsorship of interscholastic activities:

    1. A list prepared annually in April of interscholastic activities for which Sponsorships will be accepted for the next fiscal year. The list will be made available to the public upon request.
    2. A log of all Sponsorship contracts in effect during the school year. The log shall include the following information for each Sponsorship:
      1. Name and address of Sponsor;
      2. Date Sponsorship contract executed and location of contract;
      3. Authorized signatures which appear on contract;
      4. Contract term;
      5. List of benefits received by the school, including dollar amount;
      6. List of approved Sponsorship activities; and
      7. Annual monetary benefit to sponsor if sponsorship involves product sales.
    3. All other records required by School Board Policies and Regulations for contract execution and procurement of goods and services as related to Sponsorship contracts.
  4. Site-Based Report

    On or before June 30 of each year, each principal shall provide the Director of the Office of School Leadership a copy of school records relating to the Sponsorship of interscholastic activities as outlined in subsections C.1 through C.3 above and a copy of all executed Sponsorship contracts.

Approved by Superintendent: June 17, 1997
Revised by Superintendent: February 28, 2008
Scrivener's Amendments: September 28, 2011
Scrivener’s Amendments: July 30, 2013
Scrivener’s Amendments: September 14, 2017