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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 7-1.1


Relations with the Public

  1. Generally

    Every person requesting information regarding the schools or visiting the schools shall be treated in a courteous manner and may expect a prompt and informative reply to legitimate questions.

  2. Division Level Plan

    The Department of Media and Communications will develop a plan for communicating the School Division's mission and accomplishments to the employees and to the community at large. This will be characterized by the following features:

    1. The plan will have clearly stated goals and objectives that are to be reviewed annually.
    2. The plan will include varied strategies and media such as internal newsletters and bulletins, newsletters for the community, use of Internet and Intranet websites, and the use of the School Division's social media and cable channels.
    3. The plan will include evaluation components designed to measure the effectiveness or communication and community engagement strategies.
    4. The Department of Media and Communications will be a resource for schools in developing their respective strategies.
  3. School Level Communication

    Each school shall promote communication and foster mutual understanding with parents and the community by involving parents, citizens, community agencies and representatives from business and industry in the development of the schoolís Plan for Continuous Improvement. Input from stakeholders shall be coordinated by the School Planning Council. The principal will submit the schoolís Plan for Continuous Improvement to the Department of School Leadership annually for review and evaluation. Additional information will be provided to parents and the community through the publication of the Annual School Report Card which contains information as prescribed by the School Board and the Board of Educationís Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia.

Editorís Note:

See School Board Regulation 2-42.1: School Planning Council
See School Board Policy 7-31: Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSAs)

Virginia Board of Education Regulation, § VAC 20-131-270, as amended. School and community communications.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: August 14, 1993
Revised by Superintendent: May 26, 2004
Scrivener’s Amendments: July 30, 2013
Revised by Superintendent: June 11, 2014