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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 7-14


Advertising in the Schools

  1. Generally

    Students and employees shall be protected from exploitation by advertising in the schools.

  2. Use of Commercial Materials

    The School Board approves of the use of instructional materials developed by commercial organizations if the educational value of the materials outweighs their commercialism, if the advertising is in good taste and if the materials are not available elsewhere at a reasonable cost.

  3. Announcements, Notices and Signs

    Principals may permit the posting of announcements, notices and signs in designated areas of the schools if the advertised activity will contribute to the students' education or if the proceeds of the activity will benefit the programs of instruction or extracurricular activities.

  4. Billboard Advertising

    Principals may accept appropriate billboard advertising at school facilities in accordance with applicable law and regulation. Advertisements for alcoholic beverages and tobacco are prohibited.

  5. Corporate or Other Private Sponsorships

    Advertising in the schools associated with corporate or other private sponsorship of interscholastic activities is governed by School Board Policy 7-70 and School Board Regulation 7-70.1.

  6. Political Advertising

    School facilities, school resources, email or other web based services, or equipment may not be used as a means of producing or disseminating to the community any material that advertises or promotes a political party, a political cause or the candidacy of an individual for public office. During work hours employees may not participate in personal political activities.

    Students and Employees of the School Board shall not be used to distribute campaign literature within the schools or on school grounds.

  7. Advertising in School Publications

    School and/or student publications that normally solicit paid advertisements as a means of supplementing their income may accept and publish paid advertising copy that is appropriate for a school publication and that receives the prior approval of the principal or his/her designee.

Editor's Note:

For distribution/announcement of outside communications see School Board Policy 7-15 and any implementing regulations.
For corporate sponsorship, see School Board Policy 7-70 and any implementing regulations.
For prohibition of expressive activities on school property see School Board Policy 7-16.

Adopted by School Board: October 21, 1969
Amended by School Board: August 21, 1990
Amended by School Board: July 16, 1991
Amended by School Board: October 20, 1992
Amended by School Board: June 17, 1997
Amended by School Board: September 16, 1997
Amended by School Board: December 19, 2000
Amended by School Board: August 17, 2010
Amended by School Board: August 19, 2014