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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-82.1


Adult High School Diploma Program

The Adult High School Diploma Program will provide persons 17 years or older the opportunity to earn up to four (4) credits a semester toward a diploma.

A. One credit will be awarded upon the successful completion of each 108-hour course.

B. Adults will not be enrolled as students in the regular high school unless extenuating circumstances have been established.

C. Adults may be able to use credits earned previously in high school courses.

D. Students who completed Grade nine (9) before September 1984 need 16 credits to graduate; before September 1988, 18 credits; and after September 1, 1988, 20 credits.

E. Course requirements will be as follows:

Course Credits
English 9, 10, 11, 12 4 units
Mathematics 2 units
Laboratory Science 2 units
Mathematics or Science 1 unit
Social Studies
Virginia/U.S. History 1 unit
Virginia/U.S. Government 1 unit
World Studies 1 unit
Fine Arts/Practical Arts 1 unit
13 units

Other units of credit may be electives.

F.  Credit may be awarded for current work experience.

G.  No physical education or health courses will be required.

H.  Adults must have attended evening school in Virginia Beach for one semester and have completed one course exclusive of work study to be eligible for an adult high school diploma.

I.  Adults who have completed the regular high school diploma or the GED may enroll in the Adult Diploma Program on a space available basis. Tuition may be charged.

Regulatory Authority:

Superintendent's Memorandum Number 247, Commonwealth of Virginia, December 9, 1987.


Approved by Superintendent:  July 16, 1991