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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-15.1


Delayed Opening/Emergency Closing of Schools

A.  Public Announcements

When the decision is made to close schools, delay the opening of schools, or to dismiss students early, radio and television stations will be requested to make the appropriate announcement.

The announcement requested will be one of the following statements.

1. "Virginia Beach public schools and administrative offices will be closed today."

2. "Virginia Beach public schools will be closed; twelve-month employees report to work."

3. "Virginia Beach public schools and administrative offices will have a delayed opening."

Under the first announcement, only emergency personnel (those individuals previously advised) will report to work. Under the second announcement, only twelve-month employees will report to work at the normal time, unless the announcement clearly states that a delayed reporting time has been established. Under the third announcement, a delayed school opening will apply to all employees, as well as students.

B.  Delayed Openings

Delayed openings may be for one or two hours.

Principals shall establish internal school schedules for either exigency.

C.  Emergency Closing During the Day

When weather conditions warrant the early closing of schools for the day, the announcement will be made to schools via the communications alert system, and to the public through local radio and television stations. The announcement will give the time of dismissal. Schools will dismiss in the same sequence as normally used (1st session secondary, 2nd session secondary, elementary) as scheduled by the Office of Transportation.


Approved by Superintendent:  July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent:  October 19, 1993
Revised by Superintendent:  September 20, 1994