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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 5-71


Employment Certificates

Employment certificates shall be issued only by the division superintendent or a designee.

The superintendent, or a designee, shall have authority to administer the oath provided for a granting of such permits and to make any examination necessary for the issuance thereof.

No fee shall be charged for issuing any such certificate, nor for administering any oath or rendering any services in respect thereto.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 40.1-85. Kinds of employment certificates.

Code of Va., § 40.1-87. Vacation or part-time employment certificate.

Code of Va., § 40.1-80.1. Employment of children.

Code of Va., § 40.1-81.1. Records to be kept by employers.

Code of Va., § 40.1-92. Issuance of certificate.


Adopted by School Board:  June 15, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)