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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 5-45


Use of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Nicotine Vapor or Alternative Nicotine Products

  1. Drug-Free Schools

    The Superintendent shall establish regulations to promote a drug-free environment in the schools.

  2. Tobacco Products and Nicotine Vapor or Alternative Nicotine Products

    Students are prohibited from smoking, using and possessing tobacco products and nicotine vapor or alternative nicotine products (sometimes referred to as electronic cigarettes) at all times while on School Board owned property, in School Board owned vehicles, in any vehicle parked on School Board property, at school-sponsored or school-related activities, and when going to or coming from school. Students in violation of this Regulation will be disciplined in accordance with School Board Regulation 5-45.2 and the School Divisionís Code of Student Conduct.

  3. Alcohol

    No persons shall possess, serve or consume any alcoholic beverages or imitation alcoholic beverage in or upon the grounds of any school or school bus except for religious congregations using wine for sacramental purposes only.

Code of Virginia § 4.1-309, as amended. Drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages in or on public school grounds; penalty.

Code of Virginia § 16.1-278.9, as amended. Delinquent children; loss of driving privileges for alcohol, firearm and drug offenses; truancy.

Code of Virginia § 18.2-247, as amended. Use of terms "controlled substances," "marijuana," "Schedules I, II, III, IV, V and VI," "imitation controlled substance" and "counterfeit controlled substance" in Title 18.2.

Code of Virginia § 18.2-255, as amended. Distribution of certain drugs to persons under 18 prohibited; penalty.

Code of Virginia § 18.2-255.2, as amended. Prohibiting the sale of drugs on or near certain properties; penalty.

Code of Virginia § 18.2-371.2, as amended. Prohibiting purchase or possession of tobacco products by minors or sale of tobacco products, nicotine vapor products, and alternative nicotine products to minors.

Virginia Board of Education 8 VAC 20-310-10, as amended. Health education program. Code of Virginia § 22.1-206, as amended. Instruction concerning drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.

Code of Virginia § 4-1.309.1, as amended. Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverage while operating a school bus; penalty.

Adopted by School Board: May 18, 1979
Amended by School Board: March 15, 1988
Amended by School Board: April 18, 1989
Amended by School Board: August 21, 1990
Amended by School Board: July 16, 1991
Amended by School Board: June 15, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)
Amended by School Board: June 6, 2000
Amended by School Board: August 19, 2014