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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 5-40.2


Dispersal Statement (Suggested)


Phase I

I am ,


of and am asking you to return to your classes (or, if

(School or Office)

there are any non-students in the groups, to leave the premises). If you remain here you are violating the policies and regulations of the school board. Therefore, once again, I must ask you to return to your classes (or, for non-students, to leave the premises). Those who fail to respond to this request within the next five (5) minutes will be subject to suspension from school and/or prosecution for violating the laws of the State of Virginia, Code of Va., § 18.2-415, Disorderly conduct in public places and/or Code of Va., § 18.2-129, Failure to leave premises of school or institution of higher learning when directed to do so.

(Pause - 5 minutes)

Phase II

I am ,


of . Five minutes ago I asked each of you who are

(School or Office)

students in our school to return to your classes (and those who are not students to leave the premises). I indicated to you at that time that if you had not returned to your classes or vacated the premises by this time, you would be subject to suspension and/or arrest. Therefore, I am now indicating that each of you who are enrolled in our school are suspended from school; and you may not return to school until an individual appointment has been made and kept by you and your parent(s) or guardian. Your parent(s) or guardian will be contacted in the near future regarding the appointment date.

To avoid further difficulty and possible arrest, I am now asking each of you to leave the school property immediately. You will have five minutes to comply with this request. If you have not vacated the school property in five minutes, the police will be called and you will be forced to leave and you may be arrested. I must remind you that such an action will be recorded on your school record and will become a part of the police record as well. Neither of these will help you or your cause and will undoubtedly bring embarrassment to your family. Therefore, for the last time, I am reminding you that you have five minutes to leave the school property. Those failing to comply are in violation of the laws of the State of Virginia since you are remaining unlawfully upon this property. In addition, since I am asking you directly to leave, failure to comply is an insubordinate act. You have five minutes to leave the school property.


Approved by Superintendent:  September 21, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)