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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-96.2


Compensation for Exempt Employees During Essential Operational Conditions Including Emergency Shelter Operations

  1. Exempt Employees
    1. Pending availability of funds, exempt employees of the School Division, excluding department heads, may be eligible to receive compensation for work performed during Shelter openings or when performing duties while the School Division is under the Essential Operations Conditions.
    2. Written recommendations, including time sheets, will be submitted by a department head to the Chief Financial Officer for presentation to the Superintendent or designee for approval.
    3. Payment to eligible exempt employees will be made as soon as practical and possible after collection of all information.
  2. Essential Operation Condition

    The Superintendent shall determine and modify the operational condition/status for the School Division.

    1. Essential Operation Condition is defined as the period of operation when the School Division provides only those services necessary for the short-term operation, security, and safety of the School Division because of conditions (i.e., hurricanes, heavy snowfall, extensive flooding, severe ice, etc.).
    2. This operational condition may be instituted for all or portions of the day, and/or division-wide or site specific.
  3. Shelter Operations
    1. When the opening of a shelter is deemed necessary by the Red Cross/City, the following staff members are required to be on site:
      1. Principal or designated administrator (exempt);
      2. Cafeteria Manager (exempt);
      3. One cafeteria staff member (non-exempt); and
      4. Two (2) Custodians (non-exempt).
    2. Other employees present at shelters are not eligible for compensation unless preauthorized by the Superintendent.
  4. Eligibility for Essential Operational Compensation
    1. Exempt employees who are designated by emergency code (School Board Regulation 4-96.1) to work during Essential Operational Conditions may be eligible for Essential Operational Conditions compensation.
    2. Exempt employees called to work to perform assignments may receive the equivalent of their hourly rate of pay for each hour worked in excess of their regular work day.
    3. To be eligible for such compensation, the employee must be performing duties directly related to the Essential Operational Condition or shelter operations.
    4. The employee must arrive at either the regular work site, the site of the emergency, or a site designated by a department head or director.
  5. Extended Duty Payment

    There may be times when the emergency is of extended duration and consequently requires designated exempt employees to work for extended periods of time when the school system is closed. In such cases, the Chief Financial Officer may make a recommendation to the Superintendent for extended duty pay for any or all hours worked dependent upon the availability of funds.

  6. Employee Responsibilities
    1. All employees shall be responsible to report to their assignment and must complete all sign-in/sign-out sheets to document the hours worked.
    2. All sign-in/sign-out time sheets must be signed by the employee and approved by the responsible supervisor prior to transmittal to the appropriate department head.

Approved by Superintendent: March 8, 2006
Scrivener’s Amendments: February 10, 2014