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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-76.1


Teacher Assistants: General  Employment Information

A. Evaluation

During preschool orientation, the appropriate building administrators shall inform teacher assistants of the evaluation procedure, schedule, and instrument as outlined in School Board Policy 4-83.

B. Hours of Employment

1. Hours of employment for teacher assistants shall be 3 hours and 40 minutes per day (lunch not included) or 7 hours and 20 minutes per day including a 30 minute lunch period.

2. In order to verify a teacher assistant's presence in the building, a teacher assistant shall register arrival/departure in a manner designated at the building level. The teacher assistant need designate actual time only when arriving late or departing early.

C. In-Service Programs

Suitable in-service and college credit courses shall be developed and operated for teacher assistants commensurate with the need of the developing teacher assistant program. Such courses may include both subject matter and instructional procedures relative to teacher assistant duties. Where feasible, a survey of in-service needs for teacher assistants may be conducted.

An orientation program will continue to be developed for teacher assistants new to the school system. Teacher assistants will be utilized in planning the orientation.

D. Notification of Assignment

Notification of next year's assignment, including building/department, teacher(s), and duty assignments shall be made at the time the ensuing year's contract is issued. This notification shall include a general statement of duties and examples of work (illustrative only). If the assignment is changed or duties revised after this time, the assistant will be advised of the new assignment as soon as the information is firm. When contacts cannot be made in person or by local telephone, a letter will be forwarded to the assistant's summer mailing address.

E. Professional Growth Indicator

Teacher assistants shall submit a professional growth indicator to their building administrator prior to the date that the annual evaluation is prepared.

F. Termination of Employment

Nonrenewal of contract, probation, suspension, and/or dismissal of teacher assistants, shall be governed by School Board Policies 4-17 and 4-18.

G. Transfers 

1. Voluntary Transfers

a. No teacher assistant may accept a voluntary lateral transfer or a voluntary demotion during the first ninety workdays of his/her initial employment. After the initial ninety workdays of employment have passed, a teacher assistant may accept one lateral transfer or one voluntary demotion per school year. Further, teacher assistants who wish to be considered for a change in assignment within the particular school for the next year shall file a written request with the principal of the school no later than March 1. Such requests shall remain active for consideration until one week before teacher assistants report at the beginning of the year. The principal shall discuss the request with the teacher assistant. If the request is denied, the principal shall inform the teacher assistant of the reasons for the denial. 

b. Teacher assistants who wish to be considered for a transfer to another school and/or duty assignment shall file a written statement with the Department of Human Resources requesting such consideration no later than March 1. Such requests shall remain active for consideration until August 1.

c. Teacher assistants who have requested transfers or reassignments shall be notified as soon as possible of the Department of Human Resources' action on the transfer or reassignment. This action will include:

(1) the granting of the transfer or reassignment, or

(2) a denial with a written explanation, or

(3) a statement that this request is being held in abeyance with the possibility that it can be granted within a reasonable period of time.

d. Voluntary reassignment and/or transfer of a teacher assistant shall include consideration of the following factors:

(1) Needs of the school system;

(2) Satisfactory evaluation of performance;

(3) Qualifications for position requested;

(4) Hardships imposed by not granting the request;

(5) Availability of a vacancy;

(6) Length of service within the Division; and

(7) Other factors which may be relevant to the requested assignment.

2. Involuntary Transfers

a. When overstaffing or program elimination occurs, teacher assistants in the over﷓staffed school will be given preference over all requests for transfers. In determining the new assignment, preference will be based on, in the following order: qualification(s) for position, length of service within the school system within the teacher assistant category.

b. Other factors being equal, length of service within the school within the assistant category shall be considered when determining which teacher assistant(s) will be transferred. However, once a teacher assistant is involuntarily transferred, then future transfers shall be based upon length of service within the school division as compared to length of service within the school and assistant category for other teacher assistants.


Approved by School Board: February 16, 1993
Approved by Superintendent: September 27, 2000