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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-65.1


Meetings and Conferences

A.  Faculty Meetings

The school hours do not necessarily include the time for a reasonable number of general faculty meetings. Where feasible:

1.  Communication with the faculty shall be handled by announcements, memos, or other written communications.

2.  Faculty meetings will be scheduled to begin within the regular school hours except in those cases where faculty agrees to meetings before the school day begins.

3.  Advance notice of faculty meetings, including time of meeting and matters on the agenda, will be given.

The time and frequency of faculty meetings shall be established at the individual school level.

With the principal's approval, a teacher may be excused from a faculty meeting with the understanding that the absent faculty member will make the efforts necessary to become informed of matters dealt with at the meeting.

B.  Conferences with Parents

Parent-teacher conferences shall be scheduled within regular school hours or at a time mutually convenient to the parties concerned. All conferences shall be scheduled in a manner and at a time to prevent disruption of regular school activities.


Approved by School Board:  February 16, 1993