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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-64.1


Orientation/In-Service Programs

A.  Orientation Programs

The office of personnel services shall develop division-wide programs for the orientation of new teachers.

Each school's administration shall develop a program for the orientation of new teachers. In planning the program provisions will be made for current staff involvement.

B.  In-Service Programs

It is recognized that effective in-service programs fulfill individual teacher needs as well as school system needs. In support of an effective system-wide in-service program, the following provisions will apply where feasible:

1.  Programs will reflect the involvement of teachers through the opportunity to assist with planning and conducting activities.

2.  Programs will be evaluated and the results shared with appropriate committees and participants.

3.  Program agendas will be distributed to schools for posting and/or announcement two weeks in advance of the meetings.

4.  For building level in-service programs, excluding parent-teacher conference days, principals are encouraged to set aside a minimum of three (3) hours for teachers to work in their classrooms.


Approved by Superintendent:  January 18, 1994