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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulations 4-26.1


Personnel Identification System

In order to assist the division in maintaining a safe and secure environment at our schools and on all School Board property a personnel identification system is essential. The personnel identification system will provide a means of identifying School Board employees and it will assist school personnel in determining when individuals are authorized to be on School Board property.

  1. Personnel Identification Badge Specifications

    Except for visitor, substitute, and temporary employee badges, each identification badge produced pursuant to this regulation must meet the following specifications:

    1. Each identification badge must measure 2 1/8" x 3 1/4" and contain a color photograph (face only) which measures 1" x 1 1/8";
    2. Employee name and job title;
    3. Each identification badge must prominently display “Virginia Beach City Public Schools” on the front of the badge; and
    4. Each badge must contain the following statement on the back of the badge:

      “Property of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Loss of this card must be reported at once. If found, drop in nearest U.S. mailbox. Postmaster; Postage guaranteed. Return to VBCPS, P.O. Box 6038, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. This card is the property of Virginia Beach City Public Schools and is issued to personnel for identification. This card must be worn at those times designated for your school or department. If your card is lost, stolen or destroyed, report it to the Department of Human Resources immediately. Upon termination of employment, this card must be surrendered to your supervisor, principal, department head or director, or the Department of Human Resources by close of business on your final work day.”

  2. Personnel Identification Badge Requirements
    1. All Virginia Beach City Public Schools employees are required to obtain and wear an identification badge at all times while on School Board property and while conducting School Board business. Consistent failure to display an employee badge may lead to disciplinary action.
    2. Identification badges must be displayed on the front of the body, above the waist in an easily visible location.
    3. Upon termination of employment, an employee’s identification badge must be surrendered to the employee’s supervisor, principal, department head or director, or the Department of Human Resources by close of business on the employee’s final work day.
    4. Employees losing their identification badge may be responsible for the replacement cost of $5.00 per badge, payable to Virginia Beach City Public Schools.
  3. Monitoring

    Each School and Department must implement and maintain a monitoring system to ensure that each School or Department employee receives an identification badge. This system must also track any employee badge loss.

  4. Visitor, Substitute, and Temporary Employee Badges
    1. Visitor badges: All authorized individuals will be issued a visitor badge which must be worn at all times while on School Board property. Each building shall designate an individual with responsibility for assigning visitor badges.
    2. Substitute and Temporary Employee Badges: An employee who is hired in a temporary/substitute capacity will be issued a Substitute/Temporary Employee Identification Badge at the work location. All temporary/substitute employees shall wear their identification badges while on School Board property or engaged in School Board business.

Approved by Superintendent: February 23, 2000
Revised by Superintendent: May 21, 2012