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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-17.1



A.  Licensed Personnel

Editor's Notes
See the legal references to school board policy 4-17.
For grievance procedure see division regulation 4-3.1.

B.  Classified Personnel

1.  Generally

A classified employee may be suspended for failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties, non-compliance with school board policies or division regulations, or for other good and just cause.

2.  Procedures

a.  The principal or department head who has supervisory authority over an employee may suspend the person by giving him/her written notice setting forth the reason(s) for such action. A personal interview with the employee stating the reason(s) for suspension may be employed in lieu of written notification.

b.  The principal or department head shall, within twenty-four hours from the time of suspending the employee, inform the director of the office of personnel services, in writing, of the action taken. This notification shall specify the reason(s) for suspending the employee. A copy of the notification shall be furnished the employee.

C.  Appeals

For matters specified as grievable classified employees shall have access to grievance procedures as established in division regulation 4-3.2.


Approved by Superintendent:  January 18, 1994