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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-10.1


Employees Exposed to HIV/AIDS

A. Employee Request

An employee who believes that he/she has been involved in an exposure-prone incident in which he/she may have been exposed to the blood or bodily fluids of a student may request that the Superintendent or designee(s) contact the Director of the Department of Health to conduct an investigation.

B. Investigation by Director of Department of Health

Upon the request of the division Superintendent or designee(s), the Director of the Department of Health will investigate the exposure-prone incident to determine whether a potentially harmful exposure has occurred.

C. Recommendation of Director of Department of Health

After investigation, the Director of the Department of Health shall make recommendations to the Superintendent or designee(s) on how the employee can reduce any risk from the exposure. The Superintendent shall share any recommendations with the employee.

D. Confidentiality

The Superintendent, his or her designee(s), and the division employee shall not divulge any information provided by the Director of the Department of Health regarding such student.


Legal Reference

Code of Va., § 22.1-271.3. Guidelines for school attendance for children infected with human immunodeficiency virus; school personnel training required; notification of school personnel in certain cases.

Approved by Superintendent: October 26, 1998