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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 3-48



A. Program

An adequate program of insurance shall be maintained for the purpose of protecting the school board and the property of the board.

The superintendent shall institute such a program with the advice of appropriate insurance advisors.

The board shall annually budget such funds as will be necessary to pay the premiums on such insurance.

B. Coverage

In general, coverage should extend to:

1. buildings and grounds

2. buses and other division owned vehicles

3. liability

4. surety bonds

5. workers' compensation

6. school board legal liability (errors and omissions)

7. boiler and machinery

8. computer equipment

C. Safety and Rate Review

Periodic surveys of school property and of personnel safety practices are to be made by the superintendent with the assistance, when desirable, of outside personnel.

A periodic analysis of rates is to be made by competent outside personnel and the recommendations resulting from such review are to be reported to the school board.

D.  Records

The superintendent shall maintain up-to-date records as requested by the insurance companies in order that the school board might be properly covered and as a protection against loss.

E. Purchase

The criteria for placement of insurance shall include:

1. adequacy of coverage,

2. cost,

3. quality, convenience and reliability of service.

Editor's Notes
For surety bonding see school board policy 3-47 preceding.
For employee coverage see also school board policy 4-37.

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Adopted by School Board:  February 16, 1993