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Title I  (Federal Aid Program for Elementary and Secondary Students)

Early Intervention for Academic Success
Title I is the largest federal aid program for elementary and secondary schools. Through it, the federal government provides funding for school districts to support supplementary services designed to improve the educational performance of low-achieving children in high-poverty schools. Under the core Title I program, school districts receive funds through a multi-step allocation process and, in turn, distribute the funds to schools in their jurisdiction with above-average percentages of low-income children. In Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the Title I program is an early intervention model that uses multiple criteria to select students with the greatest academic need in the schools with the highest percentage of poverty.

Selection of Schools
Section 1113 of Title I contains the requirements for identifying eligible school attendance areas and selecting those eligible areas that will participate in Title I, Part A. The division must rank all of its school attendance areas in rank order of poverty. The percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch is used as the poverty indicator criteria. The division must serve all attendance areas with a poverty rate above 75%, including any middle or high schools. After the division has served all of its areas with a poverty rate above 75%, it may rank remaining areas by grade span groupings. All school areas served must be selected in rank order.

Title I guidelines define two types of eligible schools: targeted assistance schools and schoolwide programs. A school qualifies for schoolwide program status when a minimum of 40% of the enrolled students meet the low-income criteria. Targeted assistance schools are those that are eligible for Title I services but do not meet the criteria for schoolwide status.

There are two major differences between a schoolwide program and a targeted assistance school. In a schoolwide program, the Title I personnel may be used with much more flexibility than in a targeted assistance school. Schoolwide programs are not required to separately identify eligible children since all students in the school may receive services, but must still target the most academically at-risk students. However, in a schoolwide program, the collection of data on the achievement and assessment results of students must be disaggregated by gender, ethnic or racial group, English proficiency, migrancy, disabilities, and economic status.

Targeted assistance schools are required to separately identify Title I students. These schools must meet similar requirements of schoolwide programs, such as emphasizing accelerated curricula, scheduling extended learning time, using effective methods and instructional strategies that are scientifically research based, providing adequate professional development, and coordinating the Title I activities with other school reform activities.

Eligible Title I Schools in Virginia Beach

The 13 elementary schools listed below have been selected to receive
Title I services for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

Title I Schoolwide Programs
Newtown Elementary
Parkway Elementary


Title I funds are used to supplement elementary math and language arts instruction through the educational programs that follow.

Full-Day Kindergarten
All Title I schools identified as schoolwide programs provide full-day kindergarten for their students. Teachers provide an intensive instructional program that focuses on language arts and mathematics, using a variety of instructional materials and strategies and providing small group and individualized instruction.

Title I Reading Teachers
Title I Reading Teachers provide instruction to supplement regular classroom programs. Students who are identified as needing additional support in reading and writing may receive small group assistance designed to meet their educational needs. The Title I Reading program may serve students in grades 1 - 5. Each individual school determines which grade levels are to receive intervention services, understanding that half of the schools' allocated staff must serve grades 1 and 2 and the other half, grades 3 - 5.

Title I Mathematics Specialists
Title I Mathematics Specialists are master coaches with a strong mathematics background. Their role is to increase student achievement in mathematics through the development of 21st Century skills while systematically building teacher capacity.

Who can I contact for further information?
For further information on Title I, please contact the Department of Teaching and Learning at 757.263.1450 or email [email protected].

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