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Old Donation School students show off their new home

Even though they don’t begin classes in their new school until April 3, Old Donation School student ambassadors guided guests around the building to showcase the state-of-the-art facility. See More

Students share their story in annual PTA Reflections Arts Program

Nearly 100 VBCPS students were honored for their creativity in the annual PTA Reflections program. Students’ work expressed this year’s theme: “What is Your Story?” Read

A joy movement spreading across the school division prompts staff to gather for a first-of-its-kind VBCPS event. Read more.

Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Reducing calorie-rich temptations of high-fat, high-sugar or salty snacks can help children develop healthy eating habits. Consider offering treats like a medium-sized apple or banana or one cup of blueberries or grapes. Parent Connection Daily Tips

My main goal is to make an impact. That's always been my goal with any job, to make an impact in people's lives. And kids are the next generation of adults, so I think what better way to make an impact than on kids when they are young? Read

Time is running out to order discount tickets to the Pearls of Wisdom Oyster Roast and Barbecue. Order Tickets


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