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African American Male Summit celebrates leadership

VBCPS will hold its 10th Annual African American Male Summit Saturday, Feb 4. The event brings students from across the school division for a day of exercises, discussions and fellowship. Read

Service Awards

Check Your Mailbox

All High School Academy and Advanced Academic Programs notification letters will be mailed home, Feb. 17. Take a closer look at our Legal Studies Academy here.

More than 250 employees were celebrated for decades of service. Meet the honorees


Once you have stated your position and the child attacks that position, do not keep defending yourself. Just restate the position once more and then stop responding to the attacks.

If I could have any kind of animal, I would want a chinchilla because my friend, she dances on our dance team, she has a chinchilla and they are very soft. Read

Reflecting on Dr. King’s legacy and the work we do for students. Read


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