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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038   757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD


Dr. Aaron C. Spence
Phone: 757.263.1007

Ask The Superintendent

Dr. Marc Bergin
Chief of Staff
Phone: 757.263.1007


Chief Officers

Dr. Amy Cashwell
Chief Academic Officer
for Teaching and Learning
Phone: 757.263.1419
Farrell E. Hanzaker
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 757.263.1066
Dale R. Holt
Chief Operations Officer
for Division Services
Phone: 757.263.1040
Ramesh K. Kapoor
Chief Information Officer
Phone: 757.263.1100
John A. Mirra
Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 757.263.1133
Eileen Cox
Chief Media and
Communications Officer
Phone: 757.263.1075
Dr. Donald E. Robertson
Chief Strategy and
Innovation Officer
Phone: 757.263.1109
Rashard J. Wright
Chief Schools Officer
Phone: 757.263.1088



Cristina Alsop
Director of Title I
Phone: 757.263.1070
Larry E. Ames
Director of Custodial Services
Phone: 757.263.2600
Tony Arnold
Executive Director of Facilities Services
Phone: 757.263.1090
Dr. Lisa Banicky
Director for Innovation
and Strategic Planning
Phone: 757.263.1109
Brian Baxter
Director of Distribution Services
Phone: 757.263.2470
Kevin Beardsley
Director of Purchasing Services
Phone: 757.263.1153
Adrian Day
Director of Student Support Services
Phone: 757.263.1980
Dr. Thomas E. Ferrell, Jr.
Director of Administrator
Learning and Leadership
Phone: 757.263.6973
Dr. Veleka Gatling
Executive Director for the Office of Programs for Exceptional Children
Phone: 757.263.1405
Janene Gorham
Director of Teacher
Learning and Leadership
Phone: 757.263.6973
Dr. Alveta J. Green
Executive Director for the Office of Student Support Services
Phone: 757.263.1980
Dr. Lesley Hughes
Executive Director for
Elementary Teaching and Learning
Phone: 757.263.1419
Dr. Heidi Janicki
Director of Research
and Evaluation
Phone: 757.263.1199
William Johnsen
Director of Instructional Technology
Phone: 757.263.1100
Daniel Keever
Senior Executive Director
of High Schools
Phone: 757.263.1088
Tracy Lagatta
Director for Testing
Phone: 757.263.1030
Shirann C. Lewis
Senior Executive Director
of Elementary Schools
Phone: 757.263.1088
Dr. Sara L. Lockett
Director of Technical and
Career Education
Phone: 757.648.6180
Michael McGee
Director of Student Leadership
Phone: 757.263.2020
Lauren Nolasco
Director of Communications
Phone: 757.263.1075
David Pace
Acting Director of Transportation
Phone: 757.263.2928
Dr. LaQuiche Parrott
Director of Opportunity
& Achievement
Phone: 757.263.1088
Crystal M. Pate
Director of Business Services
Phone: 757.263.1745
Neha Patel
Director of Technology
Phone: 757.263.1100
Bernard P. Platt
Director of Employment Services
Phone: 757.263.1133
Dr. James Pohl
Executive Director for Secondary
Teaching and Learning
Phone: 757.263.1446
Richard M. Ponti
Director of Safety
and Loss Control
Phone: 757.263.2450
Terrie Pyeatt
Director of Internal Audit
Phone: 757.263.1140
Dr. Amber Rach
Director of Community Engagement
Phone: 757.263.1936
Edie L. Rogan
Director of Employee Relations
Phone: 757.263.1046
Dr. John Smith
Director of Food Services
Phone: 757.263.1101
Tania Sotomayor
Director of Compliance and Special Education Services
Phone: 757.263.2400
Kathleen Starr
Director of Elementary Schools
Phone: 757.263.1088
Sean Walker
Director of Elementary Schools
Phone: 757.263.1088
Cheryl Woodhouse
Senior Executive Director
of Middle Schools
Phone: 757.263.1088
Eric Woodhouse
Director of School Plant
Phone: 757.263.2500

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