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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038   757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD

Human Resources Staff

John A. Mirra Chief Human Resources Officer
Nina Hernandez Executive Office Associate I
Judith R. Wood Compensation/Classification Specialist

Employment Services

Bernard P. Platt Director of Employment Services
Tammy L. Beaulieu Administrative Office Associate II
Wesley Jones HR Associate (Summer School)
Solomon Bostic III HR Associate
TBA HR Specialist
Mimi Marcotte HR Associate
Cindy Mosley HR Associate
Nancy Poole Elementary School Staffing Specialist
Casey McMahon HR Associate
Carla Celata Middle School Staffing Specialist
Lynette Wilson HR Associate
Mary Gamble Elementary School Staffing Specialist
Kristin Byrd HR Associate
LyVonnia C. Revels High School Staffing Specialist
Cheryl Jones HR Associate
Amy Church Classified Staffing
Veronica Bowles HR Associate

Employee Relations Staff

Edith "Edie" Rogan Director of Employee Relations
Cara Argus Administrative Office Associate II
Nicole Lites HR Benefits Specialist
Carol Summers Employee Relations Specialist
Amy LeMoines Employee Relations Associate
Valarie Williams Employee Relations Specialist
Sandra Henderson Employee Relations Associate
Shannon Watson Employee Relations Specialist
Alexis Walker Employee Relations Associate
Stephanie Enzmann HR Specialist, Employee Evaluation Systems
Dianne Kinnison HR Specialist
David Jimerson HR Associate
Thomas Bartosh Records Manager


Ila James Licensure Analyst
Leslie Miller Licensure Analyst
Patti Perger Licensure Analyst

Reception Area Staff

Lois Kroesser HR Associate
Marla Butler HR Associate
Ruby Moore Office Associate II
Harriette Kelley Office Associate II
Francine Imbriale Office Associate II

Transactions Staff

Scott Zellner HR Systems Specialist
Ann Murray Data Management Analyst
Ann Etheridge Data Management Analyst

Substitute Office Staff

Alison Moore Substitute Associate
Susan Cintron Substitute Associate

Last Modified on Wednesday, September 27, 2017