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Student Birthday Celebrations

Parents have the opportunity to celebrate their child's birthday during the school day! To assist you with your child's in-school birthday celebration, food and beverage items can be purchased through the school division's food service staff and served during the lunch period. Colorful napkins, a personalized birthday card, and a small gift for the birthday student are included with each birthday celebration order. For your convenience, the Student Birthday Celebration order form below is complete with menu items and prices and is available for you to plan your child's in-school birthday party. Please check with your child's school to see if student birthday celebrations are permitted.

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Please enter all information below. This information is important in order to schedule your student birthday celebration.

Student's Name:

Teacher's Name:

Date of Birthday Celebration:

Time Class Arrives at Lunch:

Number of Students to be Served:

Indicate in the spaces below the quantity of items you would like to order for your student birthday celebration. For items you do not wish to purchase, leave the field blank. When your order is complete, click the "Submit" button and then print and sign the form. You may use this form when you meet with your child's cafeteria manager to make arrangements for their birthday celebration.

Item Description Amount Ordered Unit Cost Total Cost
Cupcake (individually wrapped) $0.75  
Fresh Baked Cookie $0.55  
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats, Regular or Chocolate Chip $1.10  
Doritos (Nacho, Ranch or Sweet Spicy Chili) $0.60  
Popcorn, White Cheddar $0.60  
Cheetos, Regular or Flaming Hot $0.60  
Ice Cream Bar, Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae Crunch $0.60  
Ice Cream Cup, Chocolate or Strawberry $0.60  
Ice Cream Sandwich Cool Daze $0.60  
Fruit Snacks, Mott’s or Welch’s $0.60  
Milk (one-half pint), White, Chocolate or Strawberry $0.55  
100% Fruit Juice (boxed drink) $0.75  
Bottled Water (8 ounces) $0.50  
  Total Due  
Date Paid  

All orders come with small gift, personalized birthday card and colored napkins.
Please contact the cafeteria manager at least one (1) week in advance of the desired date
of your child's birthday celebration.

Last Modified on Monday, April 23, 2018