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Summer School Essentials FAQ

Who may register for online Summer School classes?

High school students with a parent/guardian who resides in Virginia Beach may register. Middle school students are not generally eligible for high school courses and must seek individual approval through guidance counselors and middle school principals before registering for an online course.

How do I determine if online learning is for me?

Read and follow all the links on the left side of this webpage, especially the one called “Is Online Learning for Me?”

How long do online summer school classes last?

All online summer school courses are considered to be year-long, meaning that they last the entire summer school term, usually from mid-June until early August. Even if you are taking an online summer school course for credit recovery, the class lasts the entire summer school term.

How many online Summer School courses may I take?

Each online Summer School course requires approximately 25 hours of work per week. We recommend that no one attempt more than two summer school courses, whether face-to-face, online, or a combination. Even a two-course load makes it difficult for most students to succeed.

Can I take an online course during summer school if my family has planned an extended family vacation (a week or more)?

The experience of many families is clear; THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Students who plan to be away during parts of the online course find it hard to successfully complete it. Even if you plan to continue working in the course while away, unexpected technical problems or time conflicts can make online work impossible. Virginia Beach Digital Campus courses are not built so that the student can "work ahead" before vacations or "catch up" after returning. All our online courses have weekly deadlines. Our teachers are not required to structure individual course calendars to accommodate vacations and extended student commitments.

What can I do if online learning turns out to be too difficult for me?

During Summer School, a student who is enrolled in an online course may request a transfer into a face-to-face version of the same course. Approval will depend upon available space in the face-to-face course at the student’s summer school cluster site location. Once the request has been approved the student may not move back to the original setting as only one transfer is allowed between online and traditional classes. Grades will transfer with the student.

How do I get ready to take the online class?

When you register and pay for your course online, you will receive an automated email giving you information about how to log in to the course delivery platform. You may be able to login to the course delivery platform during the week before summer school starts, but you won’t have access to the class material until the first day of summer school. Then, a few days before the start of your online course, you will receive an email from your teacher. Please be certain to provide active email addresses for both parent and student when you register. If your course requires a face-to-face meeting with the teacher to provide course materials, you will be contacted by the teacher using your email address.

How much will an online summer school class cost?

The cost of an online course is the same as a face-to-face summer school course: $300. Students who have a completed free/reduced meal form on file and have been determined eligible for reduced price or free meals during the regular school year are eligible to receive reduced summer school tuition in all high school summer programs except enrichment programs. The chart below lists the tuition rates for each level of meal status qualification. Please note that no meals are served during summer school. This information is used only for reduced tuition eligibility.

NOTE: Free/reduced meal applications must be filed at the student’s home school by the last day of the current school year.

Meal Cost
Eligibility Level
Summer School Cost for
Full-year Courses
Level 1
(full cost meal)
Level II
(reduced cost meal)
Level III
(free meal)

Is it possible to withdraw from an online class and get a refund of the summer school tuition?

A refund is available ONLY if you withdraw before the first day of class. Requests for refunds must be made by emailing Because teachers must be hired in advance, no refunds will be honored after that date.

May I register for an online course at one of the summer school cluster sites?

No. You are not able to register for an online class at face-to-face registration. Registration and payment for online classes are completed online.

Have a question about online learning? Please call 757.263.6850 or e-mail

Last Modified on Monday, March 26, 2018