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Getting Started in Your Online Course

Organizing Your Workspace

Before you start doing work...

Getting StartedCreate a folder, on your desktop, Google Drive, or other storage location, where you can keep a copy of every assignment. Carefully review the course syllabus and instructor contact information. These items will answer the three most frequently asked questions:

  • What have I done in the course?
  • Where am I supposed to be in the course?
  • How can I reach my teacher?

Organizing Your Time

Managing time is the greatest challenge when taking an online course. Here are some tips for making the most of your time:

  1. Make a schedule.
    Online courses have deadlines for completing assignments and turning in work just like face-to-face classes. For most students, it is helpful to establish a daily routine to work on course requirements, and plan course tasks. Even on days when you donít plan to work on assignments, remember to check email and News items.
  2. Become familiar with your teacher's schedule.
    Each online instructor will post his/her telephone office hours in a News Item in your course. You may email your instructor at any time.

Maximizing Your Learning

Assume an active role in your online learning. Participate in discussions, take opportunities to revise submissions, and study for quizzes.
Begin working on assignments early. Leave time for unexpected interruptions or new ideas.
Check your grades at least once a week. Consult with the teacher via email or during "telephone office hours" as needed.

Have a question about online learning? Please call 757.263.6850 or e-mail

Last Modified on Monday, March 26, 2018