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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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Is Online Learning for Me?

An online course may be GREAT for you if:

  • You like planning your own learning time.
  • You already use computers skillfully, and not for just social networking!
  • You believe that hard work will improve your skills and knowledge.

An online course may be TOUGH for you if:

  • You tend to complete your schoolwork at the last minute.
  • You are shy about asking others for help.
  • You believe that some people are smart and others are not.

Be sure you understand these ideas:

  • Online courses take AT LEAST as much time as face-to-face courses and usually more time.
  • Network problems or electrical problems can happen! Plan your work time with this in mind. You must turn in all your assignments on time.
  • Anyone who has enough motivation and self-direction can achieve success in an "any time-any place" virtual environment.

Want some help deciding if online learning is for you?

Take our free online READI assessment. It will take 30 minutes from start to finish but you may log out and complete it later if necessary. After you login, you’ll get an email from READI with a READI PIN number that will allow you to log back in later or view your results again.

READI is meant to be an interesting experience to learn more about yourself, distance learning, and how to succeed! It will help you assess your strengths and opportunities for growth related to distance learning in five areas:

  1. Individual Attributes - procrastination, time management, willingness to ask for help, academic skillset
  2. Learning Styles
  3. Technical Competency, Skills, and Knowledge
  4. Reading Rate and Recall
  5. Typing Speed and Accuracy

Are you are a student?

Click this link to begin the READI assessment:

When prompted, supply this login information:

  • Username: vvbe
  • Password: onmyway

Are you are an adult in a VBCPS Professional Development course?

Click the link below to begin the READI assessment:

When prompted, supply this login information:

  • Username: ProfDev
  • Password: VVBe

Last Modified on Monday, March 26, 2018