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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.
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The Middle School Academic Program
at Renaissance Academy

applyWelcome to the Middle School Academic Program at Renaissance Academy. We are proud to offer sixth, seventh and eighth grade students the opportunity to be part of a new and exciting learning initiative.

Comprehensive Curriculum

This comprehensive academic program concentrates on helping students attain a firm foundation in the core courses of English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. In addition, students enhance their communication skills – reading writing, listening, and speaking – through a focused independent reading course emphasizing critical thinking skills and technology.

Unique Benefits

The Middle School Academic Program operates as a school-within-a-school, and classrooms are clustered in a separate first-floor wing adjacent to the school’s main office. The program offers small class sizes of 15 students or less. Within this enriched learning environment, teachers are able to provide students the individualized attention and focused assistance they need, based on their individual academic needs. An emphasis is placed on study and technology skills as students work intensively with their teachers to accelerate their progress in areas where they may previously struggled. The ultimate goal is grade-level performance.

Focus on Developmental Needs

Another major focus of the Middle School Academic Program is the development of self-determination, responsibility, and integrity in each student. As students find success academically, their self-esteem and positive self-concept often improve as well. Staff works consistently to help students gain a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline so they are better able to deal with academic challenges.

Duration of Program

Students who enroll in the Middle School Academic Program make a one-year commitment. At the end of the school year, students are evaluated to determine academic goals.


The school division provides transportation to the Middle School Academic Program at Renaissance Academy. Students are notified of their designated express pick-up point shortly after receipt of their letter of acceptance to this program.


Student selection for the Middle School Academic Program is by application. Students who are experiencing a lack of success in a traditional school setting, or those who have not passed the fifth-grade Standards of Learning tests in Reading and Mathematics or who have a Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) reading score below 50 are highly encouraged to apply. The Middle School Academic Program is specifically designed to build on students’ strengths with the ultimate goal of remediating their academic needs through rigorous and relevant instruction. If the number of applications is larger than the number of places available, students will be chosen by lottery.

Application Process

If you believe your child may benefit from the Middle School Academic Program at Renaissance Academy, please contact Mr. Darryl Johnson at 757.648.6000.

Last Modified on Friday, January 20, 2017