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International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP)
Plaza Middle School

Students interested in attending MYP at Plaza Middle School are required to submit an application. Students who are enrolled in VBCPS will submit an online application using their student ID number and login credentials. Students who are not enrolled in VBCPS should email to request a PDF application be sent to them electronically so that they may submit it to their guidance counselors with time for completion of required teacher recommendations by the application deadline. The MYP application deadline for all students is Feb. 1, 2017.

During the selection process a waiting list of students will be established in the event that a student who is offered a position chooses not to accept or transfers prior to the start of the school year. The waiting list will remain active only until the last business day prior to the first day of school. Students must re-apply for consideration for the next school year.

For questions about the application process, students should contact their school guidance counselor or Catherine Susewind, Coordinator of the MYP. For technical assistance with the online application, students should contact the Technology Support Technician (TST) at their school. As a reference, please view the screenshots of the online application by clicking here.

The application will be available on Dec. 2.


VBCPS Students
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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP) at Plaza Middle School, is designed to offer students an all-around foundation in liberal arts education. The IB Middle Years Program not only encourages students to pursue an academic and rigorous curriculum, but also provides a natural progression to the high school IB program at Princess Anne High School. The program extends over five years, with grades 6, 7, and 8 committed to the Plaza Middle School Middle Years Program Academy, and ninth- and tenth-grade students completing the final two years of the IB Middle Years Program at Princess Anne High School.

Program focus is on interdisciplinary, thematic instruction, which promotes international understanding and responsible citizenship. All students who enjoy learning and have a deep and abiding interest in the world around them as well as the desire to explore the many opportunities the specialized IB curricula offer should consider applying to the IB Middle Years Program.

The Middle Years Program operates as a school-within-a-school. MYP students are considered important and essential members of the entire student body at Plaza Middle School and are expected to be full participants in all aspects of student life. Students attending the IB Middle Years Program will be eligible to receive the IB Middle Years Program Certificate at the end of grade 10 if all IB criteria are met.

Program of Study

The IB Middle Years Program Academy curriculum is organized around three major concepts: Intercultural Awareness, Holistic Education, and Communication. Students take core courses of English, social studies, mathematics, science, and physical education, but also take a modern foreign language, visual and performing arts and design. A unique feature of the program is that it extends the traditional curriculum to include immersion in approaches to learning, community and service, health and social education, environment and human ingenuity as well as a service component.

Core Academy Curriculum

Students are required to take eight subjects each year. Below is a sample course of study:

Subject Description
Language and Literature Usually the student's best language and usually the school's language of instruction in an advanced program of study
Language Acquisition A modern foreign language learned at school - French or Spanish
Individuals and Societies History and geography
Sciences Life science, physical science, earth science, biology, and chemistry
Mathematics Courses that include the five branches of mathematics: statistics and probability; discrete mathematics in an advanced program of study; numbers; algebra; geometry and trigonometry
Arts Visual and performing arts
Physical & Health Education Health fitness and individual and team sports
Design Computer and design technology

Note: the eight courses are taken through a modified block schedule.

Students must also show evidence of service while in the program. External evaluation occurs in year 5 (tenth grade) of the program when students produce the Personal Project. This project is a significant body of work produced over an extended period and is similar to an independent study project. Only after submitting the Personal Project and achieving a passing grade will students receive the IB Middle Years Program Certificate.


Students are selected through an application process, which is open to any current fifth-grade student citywide with a strong interest in and aptitude for a disciplined, rigorous course of study. The IB Middle Years Program enrolls 115 sixth graders at the start of each school year, with a program capacity of 595 students (345 students attending Plaza Middle and 250 students attending the continuation of the program at Princess Anne High School).

Admissions Policy

Students are selected on the basis of grades from grade 4 and the first semester of grade 5, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, parent recommendations, a personal essay and extracurricular involvement.

Selection Committee

A city-wide committee of school administrators, guidance counselors, gifted resource teachers and representatives from teaching and learning review the applications. In making their selections, committee members consider all criteria.

Students are ranked and the top scorers are recommended for admission to the IB Middle Years Program at Plaza Middle School. Students will be notified of their acceptance in the spring of each school year. The IB Middle Years Program will maintain a waiting list of students in the event that a student who is offered a position chooses not to accept. The waiting list will remain active until the end of the first quarter. Students must re-apply for consideration for the next school year.


Catherine Susewind
Middle Years Program Coordinator
Plaza Middle School
3080 South Lynnhaven Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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