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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-0038   757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD

Teachers of the Year 2012

Ashley K. Karunaratne - Green Run High

Green Run High
Ashley K. Karunaratne

Crystal Ricks Colohan - Holland Elementary

Holland Elementary
Crystal Ricks Colohan

Kimball V. Harrison - Indian Lakes Elementary

Indian Lakes Elementary
Kimball V. Harrison

Abbie McGee - Kellam High

Kellam High
Abbie McGee

Jennifer W. Hofler - Kempsville Elementary

Kempsville Elementary
Jennifer W. Hofler

Robert S. Howell - Kempsville Meadows Elementary

Kempsville Meadows Elementary
Robert S. Howell

Becky A. Horstman - Hermitage Elementary

Hermitage Elementary
Becky A. Horstman

Kathleen Spears - Independence Middle

Independence Middle
Kathleen Spears

Stephanie Zohorsky - John B. Dey Elementary

John B. Dey Elementary
Stephanie Zohorsky

Christopher Eric Bone - Kemps Landing Magnet

Kemps Landing Magnet
Christopher Eric Bone

Mary J. Boubouheropoulos - Kempsville High

Kempsville High
Mary J. Boubouheropoulos

Edward C. Hackett - Kempsville Middle

Kempsville Middle
Edward C. Hackett

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