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We put students first, seek growth, are open to change, do great work together and value differences.

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Teachers of the Year 2004

Tammara P. Franklin - Princess Anne Elementary

Princess Anne Elementary
Tammara P. Franklin

Cynthia H. Morgan - Princess Anne Middle

Princess Anne Middle
Cynthia H. Morgan

Susan M. Hughes - Red Mill Elementary

Red Mill Elementary
Susan M. Hughes

Paulette S. Watson - Rosemont Forest Elementary

Rosemont Forest Elementary
Paulette S. Watson

W. Tabb Pearson - Salem High

Salem High
W. Tabb Pearson

Christina C. Laws - Seatack Elementary

Seatack Elementary
Christina C. Laws

Betsy N. Morris - Princess Anne High

Princess Anne High
Betsy N. Morris

2004Citywide Teacher
of the Year Finalist

Jeanne E. Connelly - Providence Elementary

Providence Elementary
Jeanne E. Connelly

Charles B. Kenison - Rosemont Elementary

Rosemont Elementary
Charles B. Kenison

Debbie L. Arnold - Salem Elementary

Salem Elementary
Debbie L. Arnold

Gail E. Huber - Salem Middle

Salem Middle
Gail E. Huber

Donna E. McInturff - Shelton Park Elementary

Shelton Park Elementary
Donna E. McInturff

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