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Parent Connection Sessions

03/15/18 Do You See What I See

There is an old adage that reminds us that a picture is worth a thousand words. This can be particularly true when working with students. Educators use visual reminders, prompts and schedules to help students stay organized and engaged. These same strategies can be adapted by parents for use at home. Staff from VBCPS' Laskin Road Annex behavior specialist team will lead this presentation and discussion on the use of visual schedules and how they can help parents further support their children.

Do You See What I See | Executive Skills Chart and Questionnaire | Executive Functioning Questionnaire for Teens | Notes Guide | Resource List for Parents | Video

03/01/18 Anxiety and Stress in Kids: How to Recognize It, Cope With It and Alleviate It

The incidence of clinical anxiety in children is at record, epidemic highs, and most children experience some degree of stress and anxiety. Today's society places many pressures on youth today. As parents, we need to understand what factors contribute to stress and anxiety, how we can help our children cope effectively with these inevitable emotions, and what we can do to reduce some of the tremendous pressures they face.

Presenter Dr. Heather Tedesco, an applied psychologist from McLean, Va., will help parents address concerns in their family life and show parents how they can support their children if they struggle with anxiety. Dr. Tedesco uses a combination of psychological research and proven techniques to make parenting less stressful, more effective and more enjoyable.

Anxiety and Stress in Kids

02/15/18 The Twice-Exceptional (2E) Learner

Can gifted students need academic support and be identified for special education services? Can a special education student exhibit remarkable strengths and abilities and be identified for gifted services? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

It is this paradox of the twice-exceptional (2e) student that drives both special education and gifted educators to recognize and meet the needs of this unique population.

Join Barbara Kennedy, coordinator for gifted programs, and Melanie Walsh, instructional specialist, for an informative, strategy-focused look at the twice-exceptional learner. Attendees will learn about characteristics of 2e learners, how to address areas of concern, strategies to assist the 2e student at home and school and how to effectively advocate for the twice-exceptional learner.

The Twice-exceptional (2e) Learner Session

11/16/17 Academic Planning: Creating a Personalized Pathway

Elementary, middle and high school students in Virginia Beach City Public Schools have the option to explore academy and academic programs along with Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and honors course options throughout their scholastic careers. Careful planning is required to maximize these robust learning opportunities. This workshop will feature an overview of the course request process, resources to learn more about VBCPS courses and programs, and academic and career planning tools to align students' interests with course requests. Staff from the Department of Teaching and Learning will help families learn more about the academic planning resources and how they can support this endeavor.

Academic Planning: Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School | Academic & Career Planning at the High School Level | Advanced Studies Diploma Requirements | Video Part 1 | Video Part 2 | Video Part 3

11/04/17 The Gifted Journey: K-12 Transitions

In November 2017, the school division's Office of Gifted Programs hosted "Gifted: A Parent Conference on Social and Emotional Needs," an event open to all of the school division's parents/guardians of identified gifted students in grades 2-12 which featured a variety of sessions related to the social and emotional needs of gifted learners and twice-exceptional learners. One presentation, "The Gifted Journey: K-12 Transitions in Virginia Beach City Public Schools," is featured in the video below. The presentation provides more information about the continuum of services for VBCPS gifted students at each level as students transition from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school. For more information, parents/guardians may contact the gifted resource teacher (GRT) at their child's school or the VBCPS Office of Gifted Programs at 757-263-1070.

9/21/17 The College Planning Process: Important Steps and Effective Strategies

Where should your Child go to College? When does the college application process? How do you apply for financial aid? The college application process can be difficult to navigate alone. VBCPS school counselors will provide an overview of the college application process and explain steps families and students can take to learn more about colleges and universities, college admissions, financial aid and scholarships.

Citywide College Planning Presentation | College Planning Video

4/18/17 Shifting Your Mindset: Effective Strategies for Shaping Your Child's Behavior

Do you ever wonder why your child behaves a certain way? Understanding why our children do the things they do can be a complex and confusing task. For families of students with disabilities this can be particularly challenging. Parents often need assistance in determining the function of a specific behavior and how to deal with it. This presentation will provide evidence-based practices proven successful in identifying the function of behavior and teaching replacement behaviors. Attendees will also be introduced to a new web-based community resource for parents of students with disabilities that contains additional support material.

Join Carol Blackwell and Eileen Ouellette from VB Schools' Office of Programs for Exceptional Children for this informative Parent Connection Session!

POWERapp | POWER Handout | Shifting Your Mindset Prezi | Shifting Your Mindset Handout | Video

3/29/17 Teach Your Children to be Financially Responsible

Are you aware of the financial challenges facing your children when they graduate from high school? Helping your children become financially self-sufficient can be one of the most satisfying and important jobs of parenthood. Join us for an evening of financial empowerment for you and your family. Providing your teen with skills necessary to be financially literate is a pathway to economic independence. This session, "Teach Your Children to be Financially Responsible," will be facilitated by Karen Munden, Southern Region Director of the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Attendees will receive information to help their children understand financial behaviors and the importance of savings and how to read paychecks and establish and manage credit. This workshop will help you lay a strong foundation of stewardship and financial prowess for your children.

Teens Financial Responsibility | Typical Money Behaviors | How to Read a Paycheck | Video

2/28/17 Academic and Career Planning Resources and Vendor Fair

Are you aware of all the great academic and career planning resources available to VBCPS students and parents? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the Academic and Career Planning process in Virginia Beach Schools! This session will showcase a new Academic and Career Planning process and website designed to help your child achieve his or her dreams. We will explore resources used with elementary, middle and high school students. This session will help you work with school counselors to guide your child and ensure that he or she gains access to all VBCPS has to offer. Attendees will learn more about the counseling process and student options at the middle and high school levels. These choices include more than just course selection! Attendees will gather information about high-tech career and technical programs, academies and centers available at all levels, dual enrollment, college and career planning, career pathways and steps to ensure students are prepared to apply to the programs that support their dreams.

Academic & Career Planning Resources | Video

1/26/17 Protect Your Child Online

Do you have concerns about your child's safety? The US Department of Homeland Security's Project iGuardian helps kids, teens and parents to be smart about online safety and to stay safe from online predators. Project iGuardian, a Department of Homeland Security partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's NetSmartz and the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, is committed to combatting the sexual exploitation of children.

iGuardian Flyer | Internet Safety Pledge | Parent Tipsheet | A Parents' Guide to Cybersecurity | Smartphone Safety | Parent Booklet of Online Safety | Tips for Teens | You Sent a Sext Now What

11/29/16 Are You Cyber-Smart?

Have you used public Wi-Fi at a local business? Accepted a friend request from a stranger? Can you tell if an email you received is from a real person or if it is a scam? In today's world, simple digital decisions we make have the potential to cost us financially, personally, or professionally. Tech-savvy Advanced Technology Center students will discuss these topics and explain and demonstrate easy-to-implement tools to protect yourself in our connected environment. We will also discuss and demonstrate solutions to protect your data and information.

Are You Cyber Smart?

10/13/16 Assessing Your Teen's Readiness to Launch

Parents of teenagers have a great opportunity to take a dose look at their children and evaluate their preparedness for the next stage of life after high school. There tends to be enormous focus on academic achievement but far less attention on the other characteristics that research shows are crucial to lifelong success and happiness. Join us for a presentation that will guide parents through the key psychological, emotional and life skills necessary for college and beyond and explain how parents can use their children's time in high school to fully prepare them for a happy and successful adulthood.

Assessing Your Teen's Readiness to Launch Presentation | Readiness to Launch Handout | Video

9/28/16 College Planning

The college application process leads to questions ranging from campus visits and admissions essays to transcripts and financial aid. To address these questions and more, the school division’s Parent Connection offered a free workshop for parents. During the event, a panel of high school counselors and representatives from the ACCESS College Foundation and Tidewater Community College presented material about the following college planning topics: college search and campus tours; college admissions factors; e-transcripts and testing; paying for college; and NCAA requirements and eligibility. Resources from the workshop are below for our community’s convenience.

Citywide College Planning Presentation | Parent Checklist | Junior Checklist | Senior Checklist

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